June Letter - As Many Corns as There Are Corns


The rainy season has started one after another in various regions, and the hot and humid days are continuing.
There are only a few days left in this month. How was your month?
-------------------< br data-mce-fragment="1">In our end-of-month journal, "Letter of the Month," the HAA editorial team is looking back on the month and finding "seeds of deep breathing" that we can share with you in a letter.
Please take a deep breath and open its seal.

As many corn as you can find.

A "delivery for you".
One afternoon, a cardboard box full of corn arrived at my house.
The sender was my mother-in-law.
Every year at this time, she sends us corn from a neighboring farm.
"Can I leave it on your doorstep?" said the deliveryman.
One box, two boxes, three boxes ......, that's forty cobs! (We are a family of four).

"It's that time of year again. Please distribute them to the people who have always taken care of us."
A note from my mother-in-law said so.
After a quick phone call to thank her, the corn distribution plan began.

Neighbors to whom we have been indebted: 4 families x 2 = 8
Children and my friends and family: 6 families x 2 = 12
We have a total of 20 corn plants in sight, but there are 20 more to go.

Oh, by the way, there are still people I want to give them to, even though I don't know their homes or contact information.

There is a madam who volunteers as a flag-waver every morning in front of the main gate of an elementary school.
An old man who always talks to me when I walk my dog.
Two girls in the sixth grade who became friends at the park.
A grandmother with whom I have a lively conversation every time I weed in the neighborhood association.

How can we reach them?


This evening's dinner was curry, salad and corn.
The steamed corn was shiny and fresh like a baby's bare skin.
When you bite into a piece of corn, it pops, and its gentle sweetness fills your mouth.
This is delicious. Too delicious.
She was so engrossed in it that her baby tooth fell out.

After dinner, it was still light outside. Today is June 21, the summer solstice.
There seem to be fireflies flying around the neighborhood these days, and many people are taking a walk even at dusk.
Today I might be able to see someone.
Thinking so, I went out for a night walk with a corn in my hand.

As soon as I left home, I met an old man walking his dog.
I went to the park, but the two elementary school kids were gone.
At the foot of the bridge where we went to look for fireflies, we met an old lady.
I'll give the flag-waving madam tomorrow morning in front of the main gate as usual.

We passed several other mothers and passed the corn each time.

When I got home and counted them, I found that I was down to only 10 left.
It has been a year since we moved into this house. I was happy to realize that the relationship that began with a "nice to meet you" had expanded to such a large extent.

Ten years ago, I was tired of relationships and didn't care much about anyone except those really close to me.
Five years ago, I had a child and spent a lot of time at home, and the only person I talked to was my husband.

And now. When I go out, I meet someone and exchange a few words.
"Good night!" "Are you going to an event this weekend? I heard there was a monkey around here.

The small talk that passes by each other in passing. The conversation lasts less than a minute, but I always feel relaxed and refreshed afterward.
Lately, I have come to realize that this is what deep breathing is for me.
Even when I am full of myself, the people around me bring me deep breaths.
I am so grateful for that.

In June, I was able to take as many deep breaths as the number of corn I handed out and the number of words I exchanged.

It was a much more refreshing month than I had imagined.
-----------< This month, we brought you a moment from our daily life where we felt a deep breath of fresh air through our connections with others.
Here are some of those HAA PHOTO's from June.

(Books to read the next time it rains, deer seen in the mountains, rice paddies on a sunny day, craft play with paint on stones)

What kind of month was June for you?
This time to look back may also be a pleasant HAA time (= time to take a deep breath).
I also recommend going back through the pictures you took with your phone.

So, thank you for your hard work this month.
Let's take another "ha~" deep breath next month.


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