May Letter - Sudden illness and the courage to let go


Hello, this is Sato from HAA.
From this month, I will be writing a letter at the end of each month. I will be writing loosely about my recent experiences at HAA, my fast-paced daily life, and the experiences that allowed me to take a deep breath, so please bear with me.

HAA NEWS of the month - Podcast program has started!

First of all, I would like to take a look back at what happened at HAA in May.
The news of the month is the launch of the HAA LAB! The HAA LAB was created to examine deep breathing from a variety of perspectives, and the podcast program began immediately.

The name of the project is Women Who Can Breathe Deeply and Women Who Cannot. KANOKO (older sister), representing women who cannot take a deep breath, and KIRIKO (younger sister), representing women who can take a deep breath, explore "how to rest.
The sisters' unique breathing and episodic talks are full of laughter and learning!
My favorite episode is #3 "Women who cook for themselves and women who don't". I hope you will all give it a listen.

🔳May Review - What I think about being sick

Well, it is the last week of May, what kind of month was it?
With the consecutive holidays, the temperatures have varied widely, and the humidity has been high these days.
I have heard a few people say, "My body feels kind of heavy.

As a matter of fact, just the other day I fell ill for the first time in several years.

At night, when I get into my futon and try to go to sleep, I can't sleep. Whether I lay on my back or on my side, I just don't feel right. ...... I tried opening the window and changing my nightgown, but I just couldn't get to sleep, and the hours just kept passing, one or two hours.
The moment I thought, "This is weird. ......," I felt a sudden nausea! The waves continued three times every ten minutes, and even after settling down, my stomach was upset and I could not sleep, so I almost didn't sleep and had to face the morning.

He had a slight fever and no appetite.
The next day, under the covers in between sleeping like mud, I thought in circles about how this could have happened.

(So many things happened in April this year, with my daughter entering elementary school and my husband moving out on his own. I was worried all the time, I was nervous, and maybe I was trying a little too hard on my own. ......?) I was worried all the time, I was nervous, and maybe I was trying a little too hard on my own.

It was only when I looked back on it that I realized that this meant I needed to take a break, both mentally and physically.

However, at 5pm, I automatically went into "I have to make dinner" mode. ......
"No, no, no, today was a rest day," I said, and that day was my debut as a full-fledged Gusto delivery service.
The kids were excited to see a different kind of dinner.

Letting go of "perfection" and "relying" on something like this is another form of deep breathing, I suppose.

If I had been able to time my deep breaths a little earlier and more finely, maybe I wouldn't be down ......?

The journey of asking "what is deep breathing?

Here are some HAA photos from May.

(The Kamogawa River in Kyoto under a clear May sky, colorful flowers on the roadside, plump snap peas delivered by a friend, and a woodwork project my child made with her grandmother during the GW holidays)

🔳June's theme is "Home HAA Time".

And June is almost here.
It has already been announced that the rainy season has begun in Okinawa.
Although it is sometimes a nuisance to have a lot of rain, I think the rainy season is a blessing in disguise.

So, I have a feeling that the theme for June will be "HAA time at home.
Is there anything you would like to do during the rainy season? Please send them to us using this form.
We are also looking forward to your comments on the journal.

I'm hoping to take this opportunity to read two books and watch a movie or two.
I live in the countryside, so I am also looking forward to seeing fireflies.

So, thank you again for your hard work this month.
Let's take a deep breath and ha~ again next month.

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