About HAA

Bringing deep breaths
To everyday life.

HAA is a lifestyle brand based on the concept of touji (bath healing), a traditional Japanese health regimen. We strive to provide goods and services that feature Japanese local ingredients and traditions.

The modern world in which we live progresses at dizzying speeds, like news flooding social media. In times like these, it seems many people have less and less space in their lives, struggling to find time to take a deep breath.

HAA's mission is "to bring deep breaths to everyday life" in a world in which our breaths tend to get shallow.

When there is space in our bodies and minds, it allows us to look at ourselves objectively, or be more attentive of others. We believe that this leads us to be kind to others.

Believing that a small change in how we care for ourselves will lead to a huge change in the world, HAA seeks to provide a lifestyle with deep breaths, like "haaaah".

HAA's definition of Touji (bath healing)

Touji (bath healing) a traditional Japanese health regimen consisting of staying long-term at a hot spring and bathing in order to recuperate.

However, in modern times, when we are busy with our jobs and housework, it's difficult to go to hot springs on a regular basis. Thus, we at HAA divided touji into four factors, and developed products for our modern world enabling us to practice touji in our everyday lives wherever we are.

"Bathing" "Dining" "Resting" "Sleeping".
To promote the cycle of these four factors of everyday life; this is what HAA sees as the essence of touji. These factors provide the foundation on which we can take a deep breath, settle our nerves, and live life healthily and at ease. Only when we make the time to access the core of our minds and bodies can we recover from deep within our bodies.

Now, it's time to take a deep breath, like "haaaaah", and start living the touji lifestyle from today.

Rooted in the touji culture of
Kannawa Hot Springs

Kannawa Hot Springs, one of the Eight Springs of Beppu in Oita Prefecture. This is a place where touji culture is ingrained from old times. It is here where HAA was born.

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Hello, I'm Kanoko Ikeda, CEO of HAA, Inc.
Enthralled by the touji culture of Kannawa Hot Springs, in July 2021 I created the lifestyle brand "HAA" based on the concept of touji, with a mission to "bring deep breaths to everyday life".

The reason behind why I want to bring deep breaths through the touji lifestyle is rooted in my past experience. My past jobs were at an advertising agency and a film company, environments known for their demanding nature. Back then, people around me would often comment that my breathing was "shallow".

However, since 2018, when I started dividing my time between Tokyo and Beppu, I realized that my breathing rhythm in Tokyo and in Beppu was completely different. In Beppu, my breathing naturally deepened when bathing in the hot springs or taking in the scenery. However, in the city, it's difficult to make time for deep breaths. By integrating touji into my lifestyle in Beppu, the shallowness of my breathing improved.

HAA, Inc. CEO Kanoko Ikeda

About us

Company name
HAA, Inc.
Company representative
CEO Kanoko Ikeda
Ishigaki-Nishi 9-2-29, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Founded on
July 9, 2021
The planning, development and management of the touji lifestyle brand "HAA"