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HAA for bath Hibi (10 packets)

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A bath powder enveloped in words, containing approximately 10 baths' worth of "HAA for bath". Give yourself or special someone time for deep breaths.

*For those curious to know what kind of essays are written on the packets, please refer to this article. 

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Stylish packagingfeaturing traditional Japanese colors
The packaging of the bath powder features traditional Japanese colors, such as urahairo (a subdued shade of green, like the backs of leaves), arazome (matte pink), and sunairo (grayish yellow, like sand). The subdued design is popular among our customers, who say it makes for a great gift to give anyone regardless of age or gender.
The everyday lives of 10 people,inscribed on the packaging of the bath powder
At times, we take courage from, are warmed by, or can't help but chuckle at the offhand remarks of others. The heartwarming essays written on the paper packaging of the bath powder creates time for deep breaths. Read them slowly while relaxing in the bath.
Special cards enclosed withinto further deepen your breaths
The colors on the cards are linked with the color of the paper packaging of the bath powder, and lead you to the essays best suited for your mood at that particular time. For example, on days when you're feeling happy, you would encounter an essay about the joys within everyday life, and feel even warmer inside. Or on days when you're feeling gloomy, you might read an essay that emphasizes with your depressed emotions, and regain the willpower to face another day on the grind.
For your special someone,a gift that warmsboth body and soul
The bath powder containing natural ingredients derived from Beppu yunohana, along with the essays about strangers' everyday lives, delivers time for deep breaths. Bring that special someone who's working hard everyday time a well-deserved rest along with your heartfelt appreciation.

Turn your bath at home into a natural hot spring. HAA for bath's 4 secrets.

Mixing natural ingredients processed by hand by artisans.Spend relaxing time with the gentle bathwater of "HAA for bath".


"Beppu yunohana", precious hot spring essence made by hand from the Edo period.

The main ingredient of "HAA for bath" is yunohana, or mineral deposit from hot springs, which has been made in Beppu from nearly 350 years ago. These crystals only react to the blue clay found in the mountains of Beppu. By combining Beppu yunohana components with alkaline hot spring components in a delicate balance, we have achieved a bathwater quality rich in natural minerals, while being smooth and soft to the skin.


Let your body feel lasting warmth with our bathwater rich in minerals.

Adding “HAA for bath” to your bath results in milky, thick bathwater. The mineral components in the bathwater gently covers your skin and prevents your body heat from dissipating, resulting in lasting warmth after bathing.


No use of sulfur which damages bathtubs

Sulfuric components, which cause damage to bathtubs, have been removed from “HAA for bath” during its production. Enjoy the feeling of bathing in a natural hot spring at home.


Fragrance-free so everyone can use it without worrying

We haven’t used any fragrances in order to make our product easy to use for everyone, including babies over 3 months of age, pregnant persons, and elderly persons.

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How our products are made

"HAA for bath" is a precious bath powder
made from artisans' craft and experimentation.
Learn more about its special ingredients and manufacturing process here.

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Product details

Product name
HAA for bath
How to use
Use approximately 30 to 60 grams per 200 liters of bathwater, and stir well before bathing.
Coldness・Rashes・Nerve pains・Rheumatoid arthritis・frostbite・cracked skin・bruises・sprains・hip pain・hemorrhoids・heat rashes・eczema・alleviation of fatigue・coldness before and after pregnancy・acne
Sodium sesquicarbonate*, Boric acid*, Titanium oxide, Essence of mineral deposit from Beppu Hot Springs, Tartaric acid, Hydrolyzed caseinate, Sodium polyacrylate, Polyacrylic acid, Bentonite, PEG stearate, BG stearate *indicates “active components”, unmarked components are “other components”
Country of origin
Product category
Medicinal bath powder [Quasi-pharmaceutical product]
Brand name
YV bathwater additive N-HAA

Special Edition

For you
and your special someone.

A bath powder enveloped in words, containing approximately 10 baths' worth of "HAA for bath". Give yourself or special someone time for deep breaths.

"HAA for bath Everyday life"

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