[2023] HAA's Christmas Gift Specials for Relaxation and Deep Breathing


It will soon be Christmas.
The streets are decorated with twinkling lights and the classic Christmas songs can be heard from everywhere.

This is the season when you want to give a thoughtful gift to your loved ones.
Therefore, in this issue of the Journal, we present a selection of HAA items that are perfect for Christmas gifts.
In addition, this year we are offering free wrapping, an essential part of the gift-giving season. data-mce-style="font-weight: 400;">This year, we are also offering free gift wrapping, which is essential for gift-giving. We hope that your kind feelings will be conveyed to your loved ones.

HAA's gift lineup for Christmas

HAA's gift lineup for Christmas HAA for bath Days (10 pieces)

If you are looking for a gift for just one special person, we recommend the HAA for bath Everyday (10 pieces).

HAA for bath Everyday (Pack of 10)

This is HAA's most popular item, containing 10 bags of HAA for bath (unscented), an authentic bath salt made from Beppu yunohana (hot spring flowers).
The back of the colorful wrapping paper contains a heartwarming essay on the theme of "daily life.

You can choose the title that interests you and read it, or use the enclosed "guide card" to find the essay that best fits your feelings at that moment.

A text that deepens the breath and an authentic bath salt derived from hot springs.
It makes everyday bath time a little more special and warms the heart and body of your loved ones from the core.
We hope you will find it useful for the Christmas time you spend with your loved ones.


HAA for bath Days (Pack of 5)

If you want to give a gift to a friend or someone close to you, we recommend the "HAA for bath Everyday (5 pieces)".

This gift box contains five bags of HAA for bath (unscented) bath salts, and the essay is spelled out on the wrapper of the bath salts.

There are three themes: "Atarashii kaze (New Wind)," "The Day I Looked Up at the Sky," and "A Little Love.
The content and design of the essays differ for each theme.

The real joy of giving a five-pack is precisely in this choice of theme.

Since we are too shy to put it into words, let's give a "little love".

I want you to take a breather at Christmas, so I will give you "The Day I Looked Up at the Sky.

We give you "A New Breeze" to wish you good luck next year.

Please enjoy the time you spend selecting essays while thinking about the feelings you want to convey to the recipient. (If you would like to know the difference between essays by theme, please see here.)

HAA for bath small box

Some people may give winter accessories such as scarves and gloves, or a bouquet of flowers for Christmas.
If you are looking for something to accompany your main gift, we recommend the HAA for bath Small Box.

The gift box, decorated with a jade string, contains three bags of "HAA for bath (unscented)" bath salts (no essay included).

We want you to give it to your loved ones as if you were sending them a letter.
The HAA for bath small box, created with this in mind, is a popular HAA item that is often used as a small thank you or souvenir.

The moment you unwrap the string and open it, wondering what is in it, is an exciting moment for both you and the recipient.
The simple and elegant design is suitable for all genders and ages, making it an easy item to use.

This item is available in a variety of colors and sizes.

Free Gift Wrapping Campaign

Just in time for the Christmas gift-giving season, HAA is offering a free gift-wrapping campaign.

<Campaign Outline>
Period: December 6, 2023 - ends when planned quantity is reached
Eligible products: HAA for bath Days (10 pieces) / HAA for bath Days (5 pieces) / HAA for bath Small Boxes Wrapping
*The campaign will automatically apply to those who check "Wrapping Yes" and "Wrapping Bag" on the product page, the campaign will be automatically applied to those who checked "Yes" and "Wrapping Bag" on the product page.
*The number of items is limited.

* Please note that the campaign may end without prior notice if the planned number of items is reached.
* Those who choose wrapping for this campaign during this period cannot use other coupons (LINE only coupons and birthday coupons). (Other coupons can be used only if you do not use wrapping.)
*This campaign is valid only for purchases made at the official HAA online store.

Introduction to Wrapping

● HAA for bath Days (10 pieces)

The pale blue wrapping is elegant and easy to give regardless of age or gender.
Each item is individually wrapped by hand with great care.

● HAA for bath Daily (5 pieces) / HAA for bath Small Box

The wrapping bag for 5 pieces and a small box is based on a milky white color reminiscent of the color of hot springs and decorated with a peach pink braided cord.
The use of translucent material enhances the excitement of the gift.

Warm your heart and body for Christmas with a thoughtful gift.

This Christmas comes but once a year. We hope this journal will help you in your gift selection.
Finally, an important announcement.

If you order by 23:59 on December 21, we will deliver on Christmas Day (December 25th), you can specify your preferred delivery date.

Please note that it may take longer depending on the delivery destination due to weather conditions or shipping congestion.

We may require more time for delivery depending on the destination due to weather conditions or shipping congestion.

A special gift for your loved ones.

Please have a wonderful Christmas, warming both body and soul, while appreciating the time you can spend together.

ちえみ 佐藤
ちえみ 佐藤

Special Edition

For you
and your special someone.

A bath powder enveloped in words, containing approximately 10 baths' worth of "HAA for bath". Give yourself or special someone time for deep breaths.

"HAA for bath Everyday life"

60g×10 packets$2,292.00 Tax included

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