Hotels and inns that offer extraordinary spaces and hospitality to soothe us.
Among the charming inns located all over Japan, there are places that offer HAA for bath.

One such place is Kappo Ryokan Yumesaki, which we will introduce here.
This time we interviewed the manager, Takahiro Yagi.

We asked about the present and future of Kappo Ryokan Yumesaki, where a cycle of HAA is being created for both customers and employees as well as the charm of the inn. We hope you enjoy reading this article as if you were on a trip.

Only five guests a day are allowed. Only 5 groups per day. Kappo Ryokan Yumesaki, a relaxing inn like a hideaway

The Kappo Ryokan Yumesaki is located in a quiet area of Beppu, one of the most famous hot spring resorts in Japan, a short distance from the busy downtown area. In 2020, the hotel underwent renovations designed by internationally renowned architect Fumihiko Sano, and reopened in October of the same year.

When you step into the atmospheric sukiya-style building, you will find a space that combines a deep historical Japanese atmosphere with a new design. First, we asked Mr. Yagi about the charm of the inn.

"In order to ensure that our guests receive attentive hospitality, we currently welcome only five groups per day. The inn's signature dishes are carefully prepared to bring out the best of the season, using an abundance of seafood from Oita Beppu and the bounty of the earth. For those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, we also offer a wide selection of Oita's locally brewed sake, so you can enjoy the perfect marriage of flavors with your meal. In addition, since we have adopted an all-inclusive system, the room rate includes room and board, drinks during your stay, a private bath, use of the lounge, and other services. The lounge offers a selection of Oita's finest sake and snacks, which we hope you will enjoy as well. (There is a charge for some alcoholic beverages)"

After filling your stomach, relax to your heart's content in the hot springs.

The simple hot spring water, which is said to be effective in relieving fatigue, neuralgia, muscular pain, and oversensitivity to cold, is poured from a luxurious spring source.
The baths are gentle and easy for anyone to enter, and there are rooms with indoor baths as well as three private baths with different atmospheres.

"There are three types of private baths: an indoor bath made of cypress, a half-open-air bath made of Tenshoseki, and a medicinal bath containing flowers and leaves to feel the seasons. The Tenshoseki bath is very rare, and the stone itself emits far-infrared rays. This is why it is so popular with our customers, who feel as if their bodies are warmed by the far-infrared rays.

Yumesaki has many customers with children. Gauze samue, children's chairs, and tableware are available, and children's lunch and children's kaiseki menus are also available. For children with small appetites, rice and miso soup are provided free of charge.
This is the perfect place for a relaxing trip for adults as well as for those traveling with small children.

Limited lunch deals, where you can enjoy the inn's signature dishes and hot springs.

From September 2022, Yumesaki has started a lunch service limited to 4 groups per day from Tuesday to Thursday.

"We started this lunch service so that guests from within the prefecture can enjoy our signature dishes and hot springs. You can enjoy your meal at your leisure in the private room or dining room used for overnight stays. You can also soak in the bath before or after your meal, so please spend your time with us as if we had condensed all the delicacies and relaxation of Yumesaki."

Lunch is available from 11:00 to 15:00. It is a great value because you can enjoy a leisurely meal, soak in the hot springs, and even enjoy the sophisticated space. This plan is perfect after a big event has gone off without a hitch or for anniversaries such as birthdays.

Creating an environment where both customers and employees can HAA

And another reason for starting the lunch was the desire to improve the working environment for employees.

"In the lodging industry, it is said that long hours put a lot of pressure on staff, and it is difficult to get a good amount of time off. However, in order to work comfortably, it is necessary to take a good rest. For this reason, we have changed our business format, with Friday through Monday as overnight stays and Tuesday through Thursday as lunches. By doing so, we hope to create a cycle in which employees can secure their holidays and work with vigor and enthusiasm.

Having employees enjoy more time off will have a positive impact not only on their own healthy lives, but also on the attention to detail and hospitality they provide when welcoming customers.

"We want our own minds and bodies to be healthy so that our guests can relax."

I felt that such an idea was in line with HAA's concept of "bringing a deep breath into daily life.

Meeting HAA

In the souvenir section of Yumesaki, they sell HAA for bath small box and 10 pieces of HAA for bath small box.

"Since our reopening, we have tried to regularly take on new initiatives. I was researching new souvenirs and wanted to introduce products made by people who are working hard in Beppu, and I found HAA, a company with a wonderful idea, and I remember feeling empathy with its concept. I hope that customers who come to Beppu for a stay or lunch will be able to take the atmosphere of Beppu's hot springs home with them and enjoy the feeling of being in a hot spring at home as well as the memories of their trip.

The souvenir corner sells products made from local products, such as Oita's folk art Oshikada-yaki pottery and puzzles made from Hita cedar.
It is a great way to experience the charms of Oita, along with books and other items related to Oita placed in the lounge.

Making your stay memorable for generations to come.

Finally, we asked you what kind of place you would like to make Yumesaki in the future.

"We want to be a place of memories that connects generations. Recently, we have had an increase in the number of customers who use the hotel across generations, such as three generations of parents and children traveling together. We will continue to sincerely welcome our guests as a place of memories spent together and a place where they will want to come back again.

A relaxing journey away from everyday life. A relaxing trip away from everyday life. Kappo Ryokan Yumesaki will lead you to a moment of healing with its relaxing atmosphere, delicious meals, and relaxing hot spring baths, where you can have a relaxing trip away from everyday life. It is a place of memories that will remain in your mind and make you want to visit again.

Please stop by when you visit Beppu, Oita.



Kappo Ryokan Yumesaki

Access: 5 minutes drive from JR Beppu Station
Check-in 15:00-18:00 / Check-out 10:00
Instagram (stay): official/
Instagram (lunch):

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