【A store with HAA】slow food_YAMAGA@Oita/Organic store where you can think about the future of the earth while having fun.

【HAAのあるお店】slow food_YAMAGA@大分/楽しみながら、地球の未来について考えるオーガニックショップ

In our popular series of articles titled "Stores with HAA", we introduce stores that sell HAA products.
This time we would like to introduce "slow food_YAMAGA", an organic store located in Yamaga-cho, Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture.
We spoke with store manager and MD Ruiko Yoshida about the store, HAA, deep breathing, and much more.

Organic store "slow food_YAMAGA" open to the community

Located in Yamaga-cho, Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture, a town rich in nature, slow food_YAMAGA is part of Kanda Rakuichi, a long-established supermarket that has been a favorite in the town for many years.
It was the birth of their child in the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake that prompted the owners, Mr. and Mrs. Yoshida, to think deeply about their lives and food. Time passed, and the Corona disaster became a turning point for them, and they moved to Ruiko's hometown of Yamaga-cho. Her passion for life and a series of good fortune coincided, and on March 26, 2023, slow food_YAMAGA opened its doors.

We select mainly food and organic products carefully produced in Oita under the theme of "from the field to the table". We also carry environmentally friendly and sustainable daily necessities.

The store is lined with a variety of wonderful products. The small hut in one corner is a space created for relaxation. Visitors can take a break while shopping, read picture books to their children, or just relax freely.

"Organic stores are often thought of as being expensive, but we created this space with the hope that it would be a place where people could casually drop by.

Ruiko says she hopes to create a cycle that is friendly to both people and the earth, while connecting producers and consumers and supporting sincere craftsmanship. We spoke with her about HAA's products, deep breathing, and more.

Episode with HAA 

"I felt that HAA's message of "Bringing deep breaths to everyday life" was highly compatible with what we wanted to express through our store.

I have always thought that in this busy world, it would be nice if we could relax a little and live a more relaxed life. I thought that soaking in a bath and relaxing would help me do that.

"I myself love baths. I myself love to take a long bath, about an hour every day. It calms my mind and makes me feel at peace, and I can relax. I find that HAA bath salts gently envelop the body and warm it from the inside out. Many of our customers purchase them as gifts, but the other day one of our repeat customers asked for a larger quantity, so we decided to offer a larger quantity, 900g, of HAA for bath 900g.

Ruiko's HAA time

Ruiko is a busy mother of two, raising her children while also running her store. We also spoke with Ruiko about her HAA time (= time when she can take a deep breath).

"Interacting with animals is a time for me to take a deep breath. I live with seven cats and about 20 chickens, and they are really cute. Some of the chickens were going to be destroyed, but we took them in. Being in contact with animals makes me think about issues of animal welfare and the natural way of life. These perspectives are very important to me, both in my store and in my life.

To create a sustainable future for the earth

About 6 months have passed since we opened the shop.
It has been about six months since the store opened. We asked him about his vision for the future.

"The basic idea is that we want to continue to have fun. For that to happen, I think the producers, the staff who work here, and the customers all need a foundation for a healthy lifestyle."

We are also trying to reduce waste and rethink the criteria for choosing things. We would be happy if we could be a catalyst for creating a good cycle so that we can leave a sustainable world to the next generation.

After the interview

Life surrounded by nature. A moment of contact with animals. A moment to take a deep breath in the bath.
As I listen to Ruiko's story, I realize that the opportunity to take a deep breath is surprisingly close at hand.
At the same time, it was an opportunity to think about what we can do to protect our environment and the importance of having a sustainable perspective.

HAA is also working on sustainable manufacturing.

For example, the paper bags and wrapping bags with our logo that you use when handing out gifts.
The paper bags are made of FSC-certified* materials, and the wrapping bags are made of materials that reduce the amount of plastic.
Although there are still issues to be addressed, we will continue to work on sustainable manufacturing.

FSC certification is an international system that certifies "proper forest management" and was created for the purpose of sustainable forest utilization and conservation. We hope you will visit Yamakacho, a town rich in nature that makes you want to take a deep breath.



[slow food_YAMAGA]
Location: 2543-1 Uchikono, Yamaga-cho, Kitsuki City, Oita Prefecture
Opening hours: 10:00 - 21:00
Access: 10 minutes walk from JR Nakayamaoka Station

編集部 HAA
編集部 HAA

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