Who would you like to give a deep breath to? /HAA members asked.


Three cold and four warm days. The days are getting warmer and warmer, but are you getting sick?
The other day, HAA started "Give a Deep Breath Project".
The theme of this project is to create a kind world by spreading the chain of deep breaths.
This theme is important to each and every HAA member.

To this end, we asked HAA members who think about deep breathing on a daily basis, "Who would you like to give a deep breath to now?
Based on the results, we would like to rethink the gift of deep breathing in the spring.

Please read to the end while thinking of your loved ones.
The person to whom you want to give a deep breath this spring

●Dear To my nephew who will start working this spring
To my nephew who will start working in April. I hope it will help him relax in his new environment. (HAA Yoshida)

●Dear Husband who is leaving for a new job
To my husband who will be leaving for a new job alone from spring. I hope you will be able to relax and enjoy your time together! and that he will be able to relax once in a while. (HAA Sato)

● Dear Friend who is moving to a new place
To a friend who will be transferred to a busy department in April. I wish that she will be able to make time to adjust her pace in her daily life.

● Dear Dear fellow parenting moms
To my good friend moms. With the children moving on to the next grade, I am feeling more soppy than usual this spring. ...... I know you are all feeling the same way, so I hope this will help ease your anxiety a little. (HAA Sato)

● Dear Former Supervisor who is retiring
To my former boss who is retiring this term. I would like to express my gratitude to him and wish him a good rest. (HAA Uchino)

● Dear Fellow entrepreneurs who are engaged in friendly competition
To fellow entrepreneurs who are facing their business day after day. We hope they can spend a little time to relax their mind and body. (HAA Ikeda)
Support the emotional turmoil unique to spring

Many HAA members expressed a desire to give a deeper breath than usual "because it is spring! It is a season of tension, which I am sure everyone can only experience during this season.
This is probably because we have all experienced the tension and anxiety that only this season can bring.

Because we know how they feel, we can think of them as if they were our own.
We can share kindness and anxiety with each other.

Let the anxiety leave your body with your exhale.
The next breath fills your chest with fresh air.
Repeat this process, and before you know it, you will feel better.
I believe that deep breathing has such a gentle magic.
The gift of gentle breathing begins with compassion

The HAA is currently Give a Deep Breath Project.
As the first phase of the campaign, we are giving away a bag of HAA for bath Meguru Uta, a limited edition package with a tanka poem, to those who purchase designated gift items. The first campaign is a gift package with a tanka poem, "HAA for bath Meguru Uta".

We hope that spring, with its many changes, its mixture of expectations and anxieties, will be a time of deep breathing and peace of mind.
Wouldn't you like to send a deep breath to someone you care about?

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編集部 HAA

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