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It is a great joy, but at the same time, it is a huge task that places a great burden on the mother's body.

Mothers face the challenge of raising their children without time to heal their own bodies. We want to bring deep breaths to everyday life.

This journal was born out of this desire.
If you are looking for a gift for your wife who has successfully delivered a baby, or if you are looking for a baby gift that can be used by the whole family, please take a look at this journal.

What is the situation of postpartum mothers?

After the birth of a baby, the relief is short-lived, and full-fledged child-rearing begins.
What kind of conditions do mothers spend during the first month of the newborn period?
As a result of our interview survey, we have learned about the real postnatal lives of mothers, something that is not often talked about.

Ms. A: "For a few days after delivery, the birth wound was just so painful that it was hard to just sit there."
Ms. B: "I had maternity blues, I couldn't stop crying, I felt crushed by anxiety ...... and I was mentally unstable."
Ms. C: "I didn't go out or take a bath until my one-month checkup, so I didn't have time to relax."
Ms. D: "It was tough on my body and mind, as if I wasn't myself."

You can't ask someone else to take over for you.

But that doesn't mean you can't deal with your own frustrating problems.

We want to be there for these moms and bring them a deep breath of fresh air.
As a clue to this, HAA focused on postpartum bathing restrictions.

What are postpartum bathing restrictions?

One of the many stresses experienced by mothers who have given birth is < span style="text-decoration: underline;">restricted bathing for about a month after childbirth.

The mother's body is scarred by childbirth. In order to prevent bacteria from entering through the wounds, mothers are restricted from bathing, and only after receiving medical attention and permission from the doctor at the one-month postpartum checkup are they finally allowed to bathe.

Even though it is to protect their bodies, mothers really want to "soak in the bath as soon as possible.

Shoulders stiffened from unaccustomed breastfeeding.
Arms tired from long hours of carrying a baby.

Fatigue from lack of sleep.

At such a time of physical and mental fatigue unique to the postpartum period, it is naturally very stressful to be restricted from the bathing routine that has been so normal up to that point.

We hope that after a month's absence from bathing, you will be able to relax and deepen your breathing. From this idea, the idea of giving bath salts as a baby shower gift from a husband to his wife was born.

A form of gift from a husband to his wife

For postpartum mothers, it is the first time in a month to take a bath.
In order to spend a relaxing time, it is essential to have the cooperation of the father who will take care of the baby during that time. That is why we dared to propose "a gift from husband to wife" this time.
Of course, HAA bath salts can be used by everyone in the family, including fathers and babies (over 3 months old) who face child-rearing together.

"I'm tired today, so let's do HAA."
"Thanks for all your hard work.

"Let's have HAA together as a family once in a while."

To work hard for each other in this way, or to enjoy bath time as a family.
We hope you will use it in various scenes in child-rearing.

Why HAA for bath is perfect for families raising children

Why HAA for bath is perfect for families raising children.

1. Gentle and smooth water close to natural hot spring water

The HAA for bath series contains natural ingredients derived from "Beppu yunohana".
The cloudy white, slimy, and thick water is as if you are soaking in a natural hot spring.
The mineral components in the water gently cover the surface of the skin and prevent the body's heat from dissipating, keeping the body warm even after bathing.
If you think it is difficult to take a long-distance trip while your baby is small, that's okay. Please enjoy the feeling of a hot spring at home.

2. No unnecessary fragrance, fragrance-free


The HAA for bath series is made without fragrance on purpose.

After giving birth, people spend a lot of time in skin contact with their babies when carrying and feeding them, and we want to avoid strong scents that irritate them.

By making the bath series fragrance free, it is possible to use it without disturbing the smell of mom, which is reassuring to the baby.
(*If breastfeeding immediately after bathing, it is recommended to rinse off lightly in the shower.)

3. Deepen your breath with heartwarming writing


HAA for bath Hibi's "Everyday" series features heartwarming text on the wrappers of its bath salts.
We often hear that both moms and dads are so busy raising their children that they don't have time to relax and read a book. At such times, heartwarming texts that can be easily read while taking a bath will deepen your breathing in the bathtub and bring you peace of mind.

4. You can use it whenever you want, however you want

The HAA for bath series has no particular expiration date.

The HAA for bath series has no specific expiration date.
Use it when you want to take care of yourself or your partner, such as "I'm tired these days" or "I couldn't sleep at all last night because I had to deal with crying at night.
It is also recommended for a footbath while watching a napping baby, or for massaging hands tired from holding or feeding a baby.

To take a deep breath while raising your child.

Postpartum life is a 180-degree change from your previous routine.
The tense mind needs gentleness and a deep breath.

HAA for bath brings a deep breath of fresh air to all aspects of childcare.
Please visit our product page to choose the perfect gift.

May a deep breath reach the daily lives of all those facing childcare.

編集部 HAA
編集部 HAA

Special Edition

For you
and your special someone.

A bath powder enveloped in words, containing approximately 10 baths' worth of "HAA for bath". Give yourself or special someone time for deep breaths.

"HAA for bath Everyday life"

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