Asakusa Nine Club Hotel / Relaxing hotel stay in Asakusa, a town of mixed culture


Hotels and inns that offer us extraordinary spaces and hospitality.
Some hotels and inns provide HAA for bath as one of their amenities.

One such hotel is the Asakusa Nine Club Hotel, located near the Sensoji Temple.
For this interview, I had the opportunity to interview the manager, Terakado-san, and the front desk clerk, Lee-san.

(From left to right, Ms. Terakado, Mr. Lee)

We talked a lot about not only the charm of the inn, but also the connection with HAA and the charm of Asakusa. Please enjoy this interview as if you were on a trip.

Asakusa Nine Club Hotel

Asakusa, Tokyo, where glamour and Edo chic remain.
The Asakusa Nine Club Hotel opened in August 2020 as a facility where you can "see, eat, stay and enjoy" by combining a hotel, theater and restaurant.

The overall design of the hotel was created by Café Company's design team, with OMFGCO, a Portland-based creative team that has worked on branding for ACE HOTEL, among others, as a collaborator. OMFGCO, a Portland-based creative team that has worked on branding for ACE HOTEL and other hotels, participated in the project as a collaborator.
The design of all 27 rooms is different, and each room offers a unique Asakusa charm.

In contrast to the bustle of the city, the spacious and relaxing rooms lead us to healing.

The guest room interiors are works employed by artisans based in the hotel's neighborhood, making it a place where travelers and local residents can interact and experience Asakusa more deeply.

Meeting HAA

The first encounter between the Asakusa Nine Club Hotel and HAA was triggered by Terakado-san's real-life experience of thinking seriously about "taking a break.
"My first encounter with HAA dates back to when the hotel was launched. At the time, I was very busy preparing for the opening and all I could think about was the hotel, whether I was asleep or awake. Without realizing it, I think I was in a state where I was not comfortable both physically and mentally."

"One day, a colleague told me, 'Your shoulders are always up,' and I realized, 'Oh, I'm not breathing properly. But I didn't know how to rest. ...... While gathering information on how to rest, HAA, whose brand concept is to deliver deep breathing, caught my attention and I began to visit their SNS and website.

We want to provide a more relaxing hotel stay with bath salts.

Mr. Terakado says that his own busy schedule led him to seriously consider taking a break. Just around that time, he received an inquiry from a hotel guest about bath salts.
"Many of the guests who actually stayed at the hotel said they wished we had bath salts," he said. However, at the time of opening, we had only a simple and minimal selection of amenities. We thought that if we had bath salts as an amenity, our guests might feel more relaxed, so we began to consider introducing them.

"We wanted to use amenities that have meaning in the product itself, even if it is just a single amenity, and HAA's concept of delivering deep breathing and Touji culture overlapped with the relaxation experience we wanted to offer our guests.

The HAA for bath is now one of the amenities, and customers have actually responded favorably.
"We have received comments from guests when they check out saying, 'I liked the bath salts. From the hotel's side, we are happy that people are interested in the amenities, because we believe that just by being aware of various things about the hotel, the memories of staying there will be different. When we go in to clean, we can see that everyone is using them."

The HAA for bath is located in the King type rooms, which offer the luxury of space.
"We have two bags of Haa for bath in the bathroom. One is for yourself. The other is for your loved ones who are close to you and you want them to take care of your body and mind. We hope that by doing so, a cycle of delivering deep breaths will be created.

How to enjoy Asakusa, a town where culture coexists.

Next, we talked about the charms of the town of Asakusa.

Asakusa is known for its old-fashioned townscape and unique atmosphere centering on Senso-ji Temple. Recently, Kuramae, with its many fashionable cafes and other shops, has also become a popular spot.
"There are many women and couples who enjoy walking the streets in yukata, eating delicious food, taking pictures, and enjoying themselves in a variety of ways. Because Asakusa is a mixture of various cultures, I think people can enjoy it in a way they can't in any other town."



(Asakusa Nine Club Hotel's Asakusa MAP handmade by the staff).

Please feel free to ask us for recommendations for sightseeing spots and restaurants. All of our staff members are "concierges of the town" and will guide you to Asakusa, as well as other sightseeing spots in Tokyo and recommended spots loved by locals.

Asakusa is visited by men and women of all ages. You may also be interested in information on delicious gourmet food. So we asked them about the places they often take visitors.


"For Western-style restaurants, I often recommend Yoshikami, which is famous for its beef stew, or Mont Blanc, whose hamburgers are popular. If you are looking for a long-established restaurant that is typical of Asakusa, I would recommend a restaurant that serves the famous loach stew or an eel restaurant. If you are a drinker, how about Hoppy Street or "Kamiya Bar" famous for its electric blanc? There are also places where rakugo and popular theater performances are held, so you can have a cultural experience typical of Asakusa.

Have a soothing hotel stay at Asakusa Nine Club Hotel.

Recently, the couple feels that their needs for hotel stays are changing. What are some of the ways you enjoy hotels that are different from what they used to be?

"I feel that the Corona Disaster has changed the way hotels are and the meaning of staying there. Until now, it was positioned as a place to stay while visiting somewhere else, but recently, more and more people are coming to stay at the hotel for the purpose of traveling. We hope that by staying at a hotel, they can relax and get back to their true selves, free from the stresses of daily work. We hope you will visit us and enjoy the atmosphere of Asakusa," "

We hope you will enjoy your stay in Asakusa, and we look forward to seeing you again.




Today, a style of travel that emphasizes relaxation and rest is emerging from the active form of travel. We would be happy to provide you with the experience of soaking in a hotel bath to loosen up and "ha~".

The Journal will continue to publish articles in which we interview innkeepers and stores with HAAs. Please look forward to it!


Asakusa Nine Club Hotel
Location: 2-16-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Cost: 6,800 yen (1 person)~
Access: Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Asakusa station, 10 minute walk from exit 1
Toei Asakusa station 400;">Toei Asakusa Line Asakusa station, 10 minute walk from exit A4
Tsukuba Express Asakusa station, 5 minute walk from exit A1
Check-in 15:00 / Check-out 11:00 (depends on the plan)


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