【2023】Year-end greetings


The year 2023 is just around the corner. What was this year like for you?
It was a year of good things and not so good things.
Taking a deep breath and looking back may be a good HAA time.

In today's Journal, the last of the year, we look back at the HAA events of 2023 and wish you a happy holiday season. We hope that you will enjoy our year end message.

I hope you will take a deep breath as you read this.

Product renewals and the start of new initiatives

The year 2023 marks the second year of HAA. In 2023, HAA will be in its second year. The company has taken a new approach under the mission of "Delivering Deep Breaths to Everyday Life.

● HAA for bath (10 pieces) renewal


In March, HAA renewed its most popular item, HAA for bath (10 pieces) The new product is now available in a new wrapper.
The essays written on the wrappers of the bath salts were written by 10 new expressive people.

Furthermore, a special card was created as a mechanism to question your inner state. It has been transformed into an experiential gift.

● Gift wrapping.

In the summer, we were able to release the gift wrapping that you have been requesting.
When giving a gift, gift wrapping is a great thing to have. Through repeated trial and error, we have created a simple yet high-quality atmosphere. We have received many comments of "I've been waiting for this! We have received many comments of "I've been waiting for this! We hope you will make use of it.

● HAA Official Birth of the Character "Ha-chan"
Ha-chan, who has been appearing frequently on the official HAA Instagram recently, is the official HAA character based on the image of hot water smoke.

We have also created a LINE stamp so that you can easily send deep breaths through your daily LINE messages. HAA members are also using the stamps in their work and private lives.
We hope you will download it from here and use it.

It was a year supported by customer feedback

This year, we received many warm reviews and loving messages from our customers. All of our members are always happy to read them. Thank you very much.

In addition, through our online customer interviews and face-to-face interactions at our exhibition booths, we have received kind words and encouragement from everyone. We have received many kind words of support and encouragement from our customers through online interviews and face-to-face interactions at exhibitions.

(running through January 28, 2024, Wellness Folklore: Healthy Beauty Born from the Wisdom of the Land" exhibition at d47 museum)

Communicating with customers is an important part of the experience. We hope to have this kind of opportunity again next year. We hope to have another opportunity like this next year and look forward to seeing you all again.

Greetings from Representative Ikeda.

The year 2023 has truly flown by. In the midst of our daily struggles, we have received many comments from our customers, such as "I'm tired today, so I HAA'd! I feel connected to people through HAA, which gives me a warm feeling.
At the same time, I have been thinking about how I can bring deep breathing into your daily life. I hope that 2024 will be the year in which the seeds of this thinking will gradually sprout.
Thank you very much for always creating a warm world together with us, even though there are still many things we are not able to accomplish.
Please continue to support HAA in the future.

Have a Happy New Year!

"Bringing a deep breath into your daily life."
We will continue to deliver deep breaths to you in a variety of ways to achieve this goal. We look forward to working with you again next year.
We wish you a happy new year.


During the year-end and New Year holidays About delivery and inquiries

Delivery and inquiries

■ Shipping Information
- Orders confirmed by 23:59 on December 27 (Wed.) will be shipped within the year.
- Orders confirmed by 23:59 on December 27 (Wed.) will be shipped within the year.
・Orders confirmed between December 28 (Thu.) and January 3 (Wed.) will be shipped sequentially from January 4 (Thu.).
* For convenience store payments and bank transfers, orders will be confirmed after payment is confirmed, so orders will be shipped according to the above date and time after payment is completed (i.e., order confirmation).
* Due to increased logistics and traffic during the year-end and New Year holidays and weather conditions, it may take longer depending on the delivery destination.

This is a delivery date and time that we will ship your order.

We will be closed from December 29 (Wed.) through January 3 (Wed.).
Inquiries received after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 28 will be answered in order from Thursday, January 4.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

編集部 HAA
編集部 HAA

Special Edition

For you
and your special someone.

A bath powder enveloped in words, containing approximately 10 baths' worth of "HAA for bath". Give yourself or special someone time for deep breaths.

"HAA for bath Everyday life"

60g×10 packets$2,355.00 Tax included

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