A winter morning routine that will make you love even the coldest mornings.


Winter has begun according to the calendar after the first day of winter.

In this season when the morning chill sets in, getting out of bed can be a chore.... It's a good time to get out of bed.... If you can get off to a good start on such winter mornings, you will feel refreshed throughout the day, won't you?

So in this issue of the Journal, we will introduce a morning routine that incorporates deep breathing!

While keeping the feeling naturally upward
deep breath that brings a happy feeling.

Why not start the morning, the beginning of the day, with a deep breath? Why don't you start by taking a deep breath?

Begin your morning with a deep breath

Wake up in the morning, open the windows and change the air in the room.
At that time, try adding one step: "Take a deep breath.
"That's it?
While some may think, "That's all there is to it?
While sleeping, the parasympathetic nervous system (= rest and recovery mode) is dominant.
Waking up in the morning, getting some sunlight, and taking deep breaths (especially abdominal breathing) can help the sympathetic nervous system (= activity mode) smoothly become dominant.
This activates the internal organs, increases metabolism, and naturally switches on the body and mind.
You will feel a pleasant awakening from within.

Light exercise to relax your stiff body

Before you start getting ready in the morning, a little physical exercise is recommended.
While in bed or on the futon, lightly stretch the areas where you feel stiffness, or twist your body a little.

I recommend "radio calisthenics" for those who want to move a little more. You can do a variety of exercises with different movements in just three minutes, so it is an efficient way to unwind your body.

Other exercises such as yoga sun salutations (a continuous yoga flow consisting of 12 poses), which are easy to do once you learn a set flow, are also easy to continue. Many poses open the chest and deepen the breath, making them perfect for incorporating deep breathing.

No matter what kind of exercise you do, it is very important to "never stop breathing. Let oxygen circulate throughout your body and start your day with a refreshed mind.

Warm your body

Warm your body

Winter mornings can be cold.
Because of this season, we want to add to our morning routine a habit that warms us up.

◆Drink white water.

It is said that people sweat a cupful of water while sleeping. Therefore, we need to hydrate as much when we wake up.

White water is generally boiled water that has been cooled to about 50 degrees. By drinking it slowly and gradually, it gradually warms the body temperature, improves sensitivity to cold, increases metabolism, improves immunity, and improves the intestinal environment.

◆Hot towel, foot bath, hand bath

An approach that warms the body from the outside is also recommended.

Before washing your face, warm your face and neck with a hot towel to help you feel refreshed and sleepy.

If you have time, hand or foot baths are also recommended.

By filling a tub or washbowl with hot water and warming your hands and feet, you will feel the warm blood circulate throughout your body, making you feel warm and refreshed.
In addition, if you use HAA for bath bath products containing hot spring water flowers, you can feel the pleasant effects on winter problems such as sensitivity to cold, frostbite, chapped skin, and chapped skin. For more information, see HAA for bath. For detailed instructions, please see here. We hope you will make use of it in your daily warming activities.

Further deepen your breathing with the power of fragrance

To deepen your breathing, it is also recommended to use the help of scents.

Try using incense, aromatic oils, palo santo, or other favorite scents to suit your mood. (You can read more about the benefits of fragrance in this journal.)

When fragrance becomes a switch for deep breathing, you will naturally have more opportunities to deepen your breathing in your daily life, which will help stimulate the secretion of serotonin, the happy hormone. As a result, it also leads to stress reduction and stabilization of the autonomic nervous system. Deep breathing is, indeed, very profound.

Breathe deeply and start your day with a good feeling

Some days are filled with happiness and some days are depressing.
Although there are many things that happen every day,
morning always comes.

Let go of all the things you did yesterday on your exhale.
After a full breath of fresh air, a new day begins.

Take a deep breath into your morning routine.

Try it tomorrow morning and see how it changes your mind and body.


Please share your deep breathing routines as well/.

HAA is looking for your daily deep breathing routine.
Please share your recommended routines with us on Instagram with [#HAA Routine].

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