Gradually, slowly, it fills up. The beginning of spring, a time when you want to move at your own pace.


The softly wafting scent of daffodils.
Red, white, and yellow plum blossoms are bright to the eye.
The dining table is now decorated with seasonal spring vegetables.

In the 24 solar terms, this season is called "ameisui" (雨水).
It is said to be "the time when snow turns to rain and snow accumulation begins to melt" and we begin to feel the arrival of spring on our skin.
(*Nijushiki: The 24 seasonal divisions of the year are divided into four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and six seasons, each of which represents seasonal changes every two weeks. br data-mce-fragment="1">How does spring make you feel?
While there is anticipation and excitement for a new life, there are also moments of loneliness and anxiety.
Many people feel emotional turmoil in the spring when various feelings intersect.
This issue of the Journal is a story about such a spring emotional state.

The emotional state of spring, which can easily fluctuate.

One of the seasonal words for spring is "Shunshu" (春愁).
"To become somewhat depressed on a spring day.

"To become somewhat depressed on a spring day, or the feeling of being depressed.

The word is used to describe a feeling of melancholy in spring, and many poets have expressed this melancholy in their haiku.

The heart tends to be melancholy in spring.

One of the reasons for this is said to be the many changes that coincide with this season.

Separation from familiar places and relationships.
The anticipation and anxiety of stepping into a new environment.

There are also changes in the natural environment, such as changes in cold temperatures, atmospheric pressure, and pollen.

When faced with such changes, our body tries to adjust to them using its autonomic nervous system. However, if the changes are too drastic, the body is unable to cope and various symptoms appear in the mind and body.

We feel somewhat sluggish.

You cannot sleep well.

You do not feel well.

If this sounds familiar, there is no need to be anxious. It is one of the characteristics of this season and is, so to speak, natural.

Take a deep breath during the change of seasons. What is the reason for this?

However, we all want to live as healthy a life as possible.
To that end, HAA would like to reiterate to you the importance of deep breathing.

Breathe out deeply and inhale fresh air into your chest.
Then it simply feels good.
It feels as if your mind is calmed and you are able to look forward.

Behind such a feeling are various changes that take place in the body.
For example,
-The parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the relaxation nervous system, becomes dominant, and the disturbed autonomic nervous system is regulated
- Internal organ movement and immunity are enhanced, and the secretion of serotonin, the happy hormone, is increased
- Lots of oxygen is taken in, which helps to relieve fatigue.

These changes in the body can be felt as a "pleasant" or "comfortable" sensation.
Deep breathing gently and casually helps us to look forward.
When you are having a hard time, try to remember that.

Find what is comfortable, day by day.

Once you have a margin for deep breathing, try to find a form of relaxation that is comfortable for you.

Get more sleep than usual.
Don't overplan your days off.
Savor seasonal foods slowly.
Allow yourself to cut corners and relax.

Eat what you eat, what you see, what you do and think.

When you find what is comfortable for you in all of these things, you will be able to open up healthy days.

Let's have a healthy spring with a margin for mind and body with HAA time!

HAA is a brand with the mission of "bringing deep breathing into your daily life".

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The enviable spring. Through deep breathing, may your daily life be bright and healthy.

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