Turn a sigh on a rainy day into a deep breath of "Ha~".

雨の日のため息を、深呼吸の「は~」に変える。   「次、雨が降ったら」

The rainy season is just around the corner in Japan. The heat and humidity are increasing day by day, but how is it in your area?

The rainy season tends to make us feel somewhat blue.
Even if we can't do anything about the weather, we want to spend our days as healthy as possible.
But it is a bit high-calorie to be enthusiastic about "Let's enjoy the rainy season! is a bit high-calorie.

It is healthy and ideal to look back on a day and think, "It was rainy, but it was a good day.

This journal is a small idea to take a deep breath during the blue rainy season.
All you need is your imagination. Please read to the end with your imagination.

A mindset that makes you look forward to rainy days

On a rainy day, I once saw a poster on the front of a neighborhood bakery that read "5% off discount for rainy days," and I couldn't resist buying some.
I found myself going to buy bread every time it rained, and I began to look forward to rainy days a little more.

On another occasion, my child opened a recipe book for homemade snacks and said to me, "I want to make this when it rains next time.
"When it rains, we can't go outside, so I'm saving up ideas to enjoy at home.
When I heard her say that, I suddenly realized that she was not saying, "I can't do zero because it's raining.

I realized how much easier it would be if I just changed my mindset a little bit from "I can't do 00 because it's raining" to "I can do 00 because it's raining.

Next time it rains: ......

So what should we look forward to?
It is what you usually feel comfortable with.
What you can look forward to is what usually makes you feel comfortable, what makes you breathe more deeply and gives your heart some space, even when the rain tends to make you feel blue.

Next time it rains, read that book.

Next time it rains, I will call that person.

When it rains next time, let's just spend the day sleeping.

When you think about it like that, "things I am usually too busy to do" and "things I have always wanted to do in the back of my mind" start to overflow, and you start to get excited, don't you?

We also asked the HAA members:

When it rains next time......

▶We want to refresh our home
● "I want to declutter and redecorate"

I would like to start by making my time at home a little more comfortable. I want to make my time at home as comfortable as possible.
● "I want to clean around the water"
On a dreary rainy day, cleaning around the water will make you feel refreshed.

▶People who want to relax
● "I want to laze around with my cats as much as I can"

I have cats, so I want to enjoy lounging around as if I were one of them. "I want to cook slowly without being pressed for time." "Cooking elaborate dishes that are usually difficult to do will make rainy days feel a little special.
● "I want to burn an incense burner and be healed by its fragrance."
Burning hiba or tea leaves in an incense burner gives a gentle fragrance that is different from that of incense. This is my recent boom.

▶Self-investment group
Some members wanted to gather information for their next pleasure, such as preliminary research for camping or mountain climbing, while others said they would go ahead with their work by dividing their time between the two
on the contrary. Spending time in a way that makes your future self comfortable may be a kind of HAA time.

Imaginations are growing and growing.
What comes to mind is what you want most at that time.
What do you want to do?

The important thing is always inside of you.

When I do this, I feel like I breathe more deeply. I feel like there is more space in my heart.
The method or criteria for doing this is different for each person.

For some, it may be a time to take a walk around the neighborhood, or a cup of coffee at their favorite cafe.
For some, it may be a time to meet and talk with friends, while for others, it may be a time to be alone in the dark.

While it is good to try out tips and methods introduced on social networking sites, the important thing is usually inside yourself.

Why not start by listening to your heart?

The rainy season to work on yourself, and to the next season.

In this issue, we have brought you some HAA time to think about during the rainy season.
I would be happy if this article could help you think about and enjoy your HAA time even a little.

I hope that when you look back on this year's rainy season, you will think, "I was able to spend it more comfortably than usual.
I also hope that this rainy season will be a time for you to build up the strength and mental reserves needed to live through the summer season in good health.

Let's take a deep breath and say "Ha~" on rainy days.

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