New Series│The source of the deep breath of the person you are interested in】 First guest: Haruka Mano - A rich lifestyle that honestly follows "comfort" and fosters a sense of space.

【新連載│気になるあの人の、深呼吸のみなもと】第一回ゲスト:真野 遥さん~「心地よさ」に素直に従い、余白を醸す豊かな暮らし~

Where does deep breathing come from and where does it go?
If you can find your own deep-breathing source, your life will become much lighter and richer. It is with this in mind that we have created this new series of articles, "The Minamoto of Deep Breathing of That Person You Care About.


Our first guest is Haruka Mano, chef and owner of the Kyoto-based liquor store "Fermentation Room Yoaku Haruka Mano, owner of the Kyoto-based liquor store "Fermentation Room Yohaku" and a chef.

Hakkou Room Yohaku owner and chef
A chef who loves sake and fermented foods, he has created original recipes and published books such as "Easy and Delicious Recipes for Fermented Foods" (Seibidosha Publishing) and "Strongest Snack Dictionary to Make Usual Sake 100 Times More Delicious" (Seitosha), etc. In 2022, he will open "Hakkou Room Yohaku". In June 2023, he opened a liquor store in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.

Fermentation Room Yoaku.

"Fermentation Room Yohaku" is located in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City. Get off at Mototanaka Station on the Eizan Railway and walk for about three minutes until you see a machiya house with a noren curtain hanging over it.

The store is full of sake selected by Mano. Sake can be purchased or tasted in the store for a fee (kaku-uchi). Enjoy pairing sake and snacks at the counter, chatting with other customers, or reading a book. As the name suggests, it is loved as a place where margins are created.

The idea behind the activity theme "Let's create margins in our daily lives".

First of all, let's talk about how the motto "Let's create a blank space in our daily lives" came about. We asked Mr. Mano about how his motto, "Let's brew a blank space in our daily lives," came into being, and about his values.

"I feel that efficiency and speed are very important today. Even in my work as a chef, where I propose recipes, I am often asked to keep things short and simple. I think that's how busy everyone is, but I can't shake the feeling of .......

The fermented food and sake that I love so much is something that can only be made with time and maturity. Because I know how wonderful they are, I have always felt uncomfortable with the values of the times that prioritize shortening time and cost.

In order to find the root of the discomfort, they exchanged opinions on social networking sites, read books, and deepened their thinking in every possible way. Mr. Mano says that he used all kinds of methods to deepen his thinking. After all of this, he arrived at the word "blank space.

Mr. Mano:
"When I was talking with Ryota Mizusako, a designer who has been a great help to me, the word 'blank space' suddenly came up. At that moment, everything became clear to me. I thought that the cause of this suffocation was the feeling of losing margins. From there, I started working under the motto, "Let's create margins in our daily lives.

Mr. Mano says that now that he has a theme for his activities, he has started to propose margins that are more in line with daily life. He has also started a podcast program called "Yohaku Collectionand seasonal handicraft workshops. One of the reasons behind these activities is a desire to bring attention to values that are often excluded in today's society.
Mr. Mano:
"For example, with ume (plum) work, it takes a long time to pick out the hoshi of each individual plum and to complete the work.
There is a way of thinking that says you don't have to go to all that trouble, you can just buy them. However, it would be a shame to dismiss such time spent working in silence, or enjoying the company of others while chatting, as a "waste. ...... I think there is value there that money can't buy, and I hope my activities based on the theme of "blank spaces" can be used as a clue to preserve such "things that are being eliminated.

(On the bookshelf in the store, there is a book titled "Handmade Azir" (by Shinpei Aoki), which was very helpful for me in creating the theme of margins. (The store's bookshelves are lined with "Yohaku books" selected by Mr. Mano, including "Handmade Asyl" (by Shimpei Aoki), a book that was very helpful to him in developing his theme of marginal space.

Various deep breaths to be felt with the five senses.

HAA's mission is "Bringing deep breaths to everyday life. What does deep breathing mean to you, Mr. Mano?

Mr. Mano:
"I think deep breathing is not only about consciously inhaling and exhaling air. I think that deep breathing is not only about consciously inhaling and exhaling air. For example, when you eat something delicious, when you are cooking, or when you drink alcohol. I think that what leaks out with a 'ha~' is also a deep breath."

"I also breathe deeper when I visit my favorite places. I moved to Kyoto from Tokyo in 2020, and I always feel I can take a deep breath when I go to the Kamo River.
The gentle flow of the river and the wide open sky.
I love the sense of freedom that everyone seems to have, whether they are duskers, practicing their instruments, running, or taking a nap.
When I lived in the city, I felt cramped, as if every place and thing had its own "role" and I had to do without it.

"The bath is another time to breathe deeply. In winter, I put sakekasu (sake lees) in it, and in summer I put mint in it. Sometimes I put dried Japanese knotweed in the bath and enjoy a bath with wildflowers. I like to take a long bath for an hour or so, just relaxing, watching movies, etc."

What is Mano-san's deep breathing Minamo?

Mr. Mano:
"It is to value your own senses. Away from the eyes of those around you and social values. I think that the feeling that you honestly feel comfortable with will lead to deep breaths and marginal space."
" In a world where everything is quantified and we try to fill in the gaps, we want to leave behind areas that cannot be quantified, such as comfort and marginal space. We would be happy if we could become a place to recover such ambiguous and important things."

Coverage Afterword

In this age of daily busyness and the demand for speed and answers (correct answers),
Mr. Mano's words, "I think it's okay if it takes time or is vague,"
wind up the tense mind and bring a deep breath.
He said, "I think it's okay to be vague about time."
His words seemed to take a deep breath and blow a gust of wind out of a tense mind.
The daily life that you have created will be your own treasure that no one can take away from you.

Thank you for reading to the end.
Who will appear in the next issue?

We hope you enjoy it.


[Fermentation Room Yohaku]
Location: 56 Tanaka Satonomae-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
instagram: fermentation room yohaku▶
Haruka Mano ▶

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