[Tsutaya × HAA Limited Collaboration] "HAA for bath Everyday (5 pieces) Bouquet of Words" now on sale.

\NEW/【蔦屋書店×HAA 限定コラボ】「HAA for bath 日々(5個入り)ことばの花束」発売

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new "bouquet of words" to our HAA for bath Days (5 pieces) series. In this issue of the Journal, we will introduce its concept and charm points in detail.

HAA for bath Everyday (5 pieces) series

HAA for bath Everyday (5 pieces) is a gift box containing 5 bags of HAA for bath (unscented) bath salts made with Beppu yunohana.
The wrappers of the bath salts contain essays describing small daily scenes and feelings.
We hope that before, during, and after taking a bath, you will think about someone's daily life and deepen your breathing. This is a popular gift item at HAA with this thought in mind.

HAA's popular gift item.

Essay on the limited edition "Bouquet of Words

"Words of gratitude to someone are much like flowers.
When we receive them, our hearts become warmer and warmer.
The giver also feels warm and fuzzy.
"Words that made me happy when I received them, words that I gave because I was thinking of someone else."
We have collected days related to such "words".

The essays were written by five Tsutaya concierges.
We hope you will enjoy their writings, which will warm your heart and deepen your breath, along with authentic bath salts derived from hot springs.

Recommended for these occasions Recommended for this kind of scene

The "Bouquet of Words" is designed with orange as a base color to convey a sense of happiness and blessing. The warm atmosphere is perfect for all kinds of gift-giving occasions.

For example...

A gift for a special occasion such as a birthday or a birth.
A gift of thanks and encouragement for graduation, welcome and send-off, etc.
A gift to share the joy of new encounters and the excitement of the future.
And as a reward for yourself.

After the first day of spring, the footsteps of spring can be heard in this season.
We hope that they will reach you and your loved ones like the flowers that slowly sprout and color your daily life.

Purchase Terms and Conditions

HAA for bath HAA for bath Everyday (5 pieces) Words Bouquet" is available in limited quantities.
It is available at the official HAA online store and some Tsutaya bookstores. Please check announcements here for information on sales outlets.


Launch Event

To celebrate the release of "HAA for bath Everyday (5 pieces) Bouquet of Words," a reading session will be held at Daikanyama Tsutaya on Thursday, February 22, 2024, with freelance announcer Mika Horii as a guest. Ms. Mika Horii will read from "Words in Bouquet" while playing acoustic guitar.

The reading will be held in the morning and afternoon, and will be available for viewing online.

[Event Outline]
Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024, 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Venue: Daikanyama Tsutaya SHARE LOUNGE + online streaming available
Ticket details:
①Product (3,300 yen) + ticket to attend the event (1,100 yen): 4, 400 yen
2) Ticket to the venue: 1,650 yen
3) Product (3,300 yen) + online delivery ticket (550 yen) + shipping (500 yen): 4,350 yen
4) Online delivery ticket: 1,100 yen
* Ticket sales start at 18:00 on January 26, 2024 (Friday).
*For application information, please contact here.

Guest: Mika Horii
Free announcer, born on March 22, 1972, in Akita Prefecture. She has an overwhelming track record as a narrator for TBS-affiliated programs. She also founded the "yomibasho project" (yomibasho project) and organizes her own reading sessions. He has authored a book, "Sound Reading Class" (Kanzen), and "Once, I left the company. ~Independent Diary from the Age of 50" (Yamato Shobo) and others.

Let's deliver kind feelings like sending a bouquet of flowers!

As you send a bouquet of flowers, send a kind feeling.

The tender feelings contained in the gift.
It warms the heart not only at the moment of receipt, but also while reading the essay, while taking a bath, and during the time of reverberations afterwards.
It is just like a bouquet of gently fragrant flowers.
We hope our thoughts and feelings reach you and your loved ones.

編集部 HAA
編集部 HAA

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