Practice of Herb Tea for Summer Cooling


Summer is in full swing.
While you are sweating when you walk outside, the air conditioner is working inside trains and buildings. The artificially created difference in temperature may cause autonomic nervous system disorders, lethargy, loss of appetite, and other summer-specific problems for many people.

In this issue of the Journal, we pick up on the topic of "summer chill" under the title of "Summer Worries.
We will introduce an approach using herbal teas.

Tuning habits starting today with herbal teas


We spoke with Sakiko Matsumi, president of Flowmula Inc.

Ms. Matsumi sells craft herbal teas under the brand "daytune." based on the concept of "Keep tuning your life," and also promotes the creation of a habit of tuning the body and mind (tuning).

"Loosen up and be inspired. Our mind and body are changing like a gradation day by day. We observe these changes and adjust them to the state we want to be in. This is the tuning habit proposed by daytune.

daytune. offers a total of six types of herbal tea blends that are carefully selected for their quality, manufacturing process, taste, and packaging design. blends to calm you down, they will accompany you in all your daily situations.

Recommended herbal teas for different problems

Herb tea Herbal teas work on the body and mind in a gentle and soothing way. Their effects and benefits are wide-ranging. This time, we asked her to tell us about recommended herbs and daytune. blends, according to your concerns.

▶When you suffer from summer cold ⇒ When you want to warm up your body

Elderflower ■Elderflower: Promotes blood circulation and perspiration. Recommended when you feel stagnation in the body. Syrups are also widely available.

Gotsucola: Also known as CICA, this herb has become a hot topic in Korean cosmetics and is also used in Ayurveda. It is often used in Ayurveda to promote blood circulation, and is believed to be good for relieving cold and stiff shoulders. It is also used in Ayurveda to stimulate blood circulation and relieve cold and stiff shoulders.
■Rosemary: Good for promoting blood circulation and nourishing the body.
■Ginger: Warms the body from within and raises metabolism. Promotes blood circulation.

■Rosemary .......

"For summer chill, we recommend taking in herbs that promote blood circulation and metabolism. The herbs introduced here are included in daytune's Cheer up blend, Turn on blend, Warm up blend, and other blends with the theme of "starting" and "boosting. Cheer up blend, Turn on blend, and Warm up blend.

When you are busy and don't have time to relax => Take a deep breath and relax.

▶When you want to relax and take a deep breath.

■Peppermint: Refreshes the mind with its cool and refreshing aroma.
■Holy basil: Inhibits the stress hormone cortisol.
■Cinnamon: Helps relieve body cold and improves the circulation of blood. Its sweet, refreshing aroma invites deep breathing.
■Chicory: This herb has a detoxifying effect due to its diuretic properties. Its coffee-like aroma is calming.

"When you want to take a deep breath and get back to your own pace after a busy time axis, you can choose a blend such as Cool down blend, Calm down blend, or Turn off blend. When you want to take a deep breath and get out of your busy schedule, we recommend blends with the key words "calm down" and "relax" in them. Remember to inhale the aroma through your nose before drinking. Deep breathing helps the parasympathetic nervous system to become more active, which leads to relaxation.

▶ On a summer night when it is hard to sleep ⇒ When you want to sleep slowly

▶During summer nights when it is hard to sleep

■Rose・・・・It has a calming effect, and its graceful fragrance calms the mind and relaxes the body and mind.
■Lavender: Highly relaxing, calms irritability, and relieves insomnia, headaches, and gastrointestinal problems.

"I recommend the Turn off blend before bed. It is made from rose, lavender, and other herbs that have a relaxing effect. The recommended way to drink it is to brew it thicker and add honey and milk. The warm milk and sweetness of the honey will help you sleep more peacefully."

* Pregnant women and those with allergies should check with or consult a doctor. For more information, please check "FAQ" on the daytune. site.

Impressions after actually taking it

This time, based on Mr. Matsumi's recommendation, the HAA editorial staff actually tried drinking it.

Two points to enjoy herbal tea more

Two points to enjoy herbal tea more In order to enjoy herbal tea more, please pay attention to the following two points.

Point 1: Before drinking, take a deep breath.

When you brew a cup of herbal tea, be sure to enjoy the aroma before you drink it. It is said that the sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that directly reaches the limbic system, which controls instinct and emotion. The speed of this process is an astonishing 0.2 seconds or less. To enhance the effects and benefits of herbal teas, we recommend that you take a deep breath and take in the aroma.

Point (2): Also value your intuition and preferences.

We have recommended herbs and blends according to the theme, but you don't necessarily need to focus on their effects and benefits to choose the right one. Simply choose teas according to your mood, intuition, and taste preferences. At that time, we would like you to add one action to inspect your condition. I would be happy if the habit of tuning in to your body and mind will help you to live each day in good health.

Tune up your mind and body for a healthy summer!

In this issue, we took a deeper look at herbal teas as a way to combat summer chilliness.
Don't just drink it, but don't forget to observe your physical and mental state and take a deep breath before drinking it.
Let's get through summer in good health this year.


Official website is here.

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