[HAA LAB News] Data on Our Deep Breathing Situation

【HAA LAB通信】データでみる、わたしたちの深呼吸事情

---------------------< br data-mce-fragment="1">HAA LAB is a "deep breathing research institute" established to realize HAA's brand mission "Bringing deep breathing into your daily life.
We analyze customer surveys, interview people who have successfully adopted deep breathing, and talk to experts to bring deep breathing into your daily life.
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Suddenly, are you taking a deep breath every day?

In our busy days, we tend to notice that our breathing becomes shallow.
I wish I could take more deep breaths and create more space in my heart.
We wish we could, but the reality is that it is very difficult.

Would you like to think about and solve such problems with us, HAA LAB?

The first research theme is "Our deep breathing situation". Based on the results of a customer survey, we will delve deeper into the relationship between daily life and deep breathing.

Survey on Deep Breathing

HAA LAB conducted a survey on deep breathing (77 respondents) from April 12 to May 7, 2024.

The purpose of this survey is to understand the relationship between our daily lives and deep breathing in 2024. Please take this opportunity to think about deep breathing in the context of your own daily life.

The reality is that we want to take a deep breath, but we can't.

At the beginning of the survey, we asked the question "Do you take deep breaths in your daily life? At the beginning of the survey, we asked the question, "Do you take deep breaths in your daily life?" The question was asked, "Do you take deep breaths in your daily life?


In contrast, only less than 30% of the respondents answered "yes. In fact, more than 70% of the respondents answered that they are not taking deep breaths.
On the other hand, how many people feel the need to take deep breaths?

The results showed that all who responded to the survey believed that deep breathing is necessary.

Researcher's note▶
What is noteworthy is that everyone thinks that deep breathing is necessary, but in reality, more than 70% of them "are not taking deep breaths.
"I want to, but I can't." The HAA LAB's major mission in the future will be to explore the reasons and ways to fill this gap.

Analysis of the current status of deep breathing by age group

So why are so many people not taking deep breaths? We investigated the reasons and found that there are trends by age group.

20s: Busy anyway

Compared to the average, many people in their 20s are not taking a deep breath. In particular, their responses that they are busy with work and private life are outstandingly high. Since this is the age when lifestyles and values are undergoing major changes, many are searching for their own ways to take a break.

30s: know how to take a deep breath, but can't afford it

This is the generation that is starting to build their own style. Still, the majority of them are busy raising children and working, and can't afford to do so. "I know how to take a deep breath" is the most common among all generations, but it can be expected that a certain number are bound by the environment and other factors.

40s: Not aware

The 40s were more likely to say they were "not aware of deep breathing" than to say they were busy. This result exceeded that of the "busy" response. It is highly likely that many of them are running without being conscious of taking a rest, while they are fulfilling their work and private lives and establishing their own style.

Many people in their 50s are able to take a deep breath

The number of respondents who said they are able to take a deep breath exceeded the average. This can be imagined to be because they have more free time now that child-rearing and other activities have settled down. On the other hand, there were many respondents who said they were "busy," and there is a strong possibility that the difference between those who are able to take a deep breath and those who are not able to do so is significant.

▶︎ Researcher's Note

We found that as people age, their work and lifestyle experience increases and they can acquire their "personal style of deep breathing". This may be a hope for those in their 20s who now feel that they are "too busy to afford to take a deep breath. On the other hand, even those who are normally able to take deep breaths may find it difficult to do so due to temporary changes in their environment or stress. Age has nothing to do with it.

That is why the desire to "take a deep breath" is universal and sincere for everyone. When do we need to take a deep breath?

From here, we will analyze the results of the survey focusing on "scenes" and "feelings" in which deep breathing is necessary. From here, we will analyze the results of the survey focusing on "scenes" and "feelings" in which we think deep breathing is necessary.
First, let's look at when you feel like you are not taking a deep breath.

All ages when they are being driven by something or feeling psychologically stressed.
On the other hand, the response "when I feel I am not being kind to those around me" is particularly common among those in their 30s and 40s. It can be assumed that this is mainly due to increased involvement with children and partners.

Consequently, we also surveyed respondents about when they feel the need to take a deep breath.

The overwhelming majority of respondents felt SOS moments, such as when they were frustrated or lost concentration. On the other hand, we found that a large number of people also want to take a deep breath when they want to invoke relaxation, such as when they are surrounded by nature, while bathing, or before falling asleep.

▶︎ Researcher's Note
It would be ideal if deep breathing, which is tied to SOS, could be done "right now" and "easily". Yet, considering the current situation where it is not done, it is clear that many people have not been able to grasp the "method" or "trigger" for taking a deep breath. On the other hand, deep breathing, which is associated with relaxation, is easy for anyone to take in, and the hurdle seems relatively low. If you go to a place where there is nature, or if you are aware of it before and after sleep, you can deepen your breathing naturally as long as you have the right circumstances.
What we want from deep breathing and what we need from it What we want from deep breathing and how to do it.

We now know when we feel the need to take a deep breath. Now we know when we feel the need to take a deep breath. What exactly is it that we are looking for?

Many people seek a break from busyness and lack of time, such as "to calm the mind" and "to make room in the mind.
Followed by "take a break" and "change my mind," many respondents also seek easy deep breathing as a way to relax and refresh.
Although the percentage is small, there are a certain number of people who expect a switch to on-time activities, such as "to clear my head" and "to improve my concentration.

▶Researcher's note
This survey revealed that there are several "types" of effects people seek from deep breathing.
These effects are not limited to those obtained by traditional deep breathing, which is "breathing out and breathing in. For example, "drinking coffee slowly" or "looking up at the sky" are also "deep breathing" for someone.

We call this HAAing. Here are some examples of answers to the following questions.

▶Researcher's note
As in this survey, HAAing applies to a variety of activities that create margin in the mind, such as drinking your favorite drink, listening to music, or taking a walk.
HAAing is not uniform and can be completely different depending on one's lifestyle and taste.
Finding your own way of HAAing and being ready to do it when you need it will be the key to increasing deep breathing in your daily life.

What happens from here? Deep Breathing and Us

What we learned through this survey is as follows.

From here, we will pursue the question, "How can we take more deep breaths?

Although it may seem like an unknown initiative,
"How would our lives change if we took more deep breaths? and I hope you will enjoy it with us.

In the July HAA LAB newsletter, we will take a deeper look at HAA's concept of deep breathing. Please look forward to it!

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