HAA Representative Ikeda's Idea of "Time to Prepare the Mind" - From d47 MUSEUM Collaboration Insta Live

HAA代表・池田が考える、「心を整える時間」とは~d47 MUSEUMコラボインスタライブより~

Do you take time to "prepare your mind" every day?

Many people feel the need to do so, but face various conflicts such as "I don't have time" or "I don't know how.

Mrs. Ikeda, the HAA representative, used to be one of them.
It was the "Touji" culture, an ancient Japanese regimen, and the "Touji" culture that emerged from it that led him to change his daily life. culture" and the "deep breathing" that is born from it.

We want to bring these two things to as many people as possible. Ikeda recently had the opportunity to talk about HAA, a brand that was born out of this desire.

Background of the launch of the brand - bringing a deep breath of air into your daily life.

Speaker: Kanoko Ikeda, HAA Representative

I have been living in Beppu for half a month and in Tokyo for the other half.
Life in Tokyo is exciting but very busy and I don't have much time to relax.
While living in Beppu, my hometown, I find that I can naturally take a deep breath.
When you walk a little further and see a public hot spring that you can enter for just a coin, or when you look out your window and see the steamy smoke from the hot spring, you can take a deep breath.
When I take a deep breath there, my body relaxes and I feel a sense of space in my heart.
We wanted to bring this feeling to Tokyo, so we launched the HAA brand based on the concept of a hot-spring cure.

When you take a bath, you naturally breathe more deeply. That is why we are now making bath salts as our first product. I hope it will reach people who, like me in the past, want to take deep breaths but don't know how to do it.
Gifts expand a friendly world

Currently, we are creating products mainly in the form of gifts, and there are reasons for this. I think that when people are really busy, they don't have time to pay attention to others. I want those people to take a deep breath, and that's why we value the gift format so much.

With the gift, those who have a margin in their hearts (= those who can take a deep breath) can deliver HAA products (=deep breaths) to those who have shallow breaths.
Then the recipient will be able to take a deep breath, look at others, and send compassion to someone else. I believe that by expanding the chain of such deep breaths, society will become kinder.

It has been two years since we launched our business. We feel that the chain of kindness is spreading slowly but surely.
For example, I recently received a message from a customer who said, "I delivered HAA products to a friend who had lost his pet dog and was feeling very down, and he was so happy that it warmed my heart. Another reviewer said, "I gave it to my new employee and he seems to find the bath salts and essay a relaxing time in his very busy schedule.
We are very happy and grateful that everyone is spreading the word about Deep Breathing as a giver (i.e., gifter).

What is your one non-negotiable commitment or something you want to convey?

One is the depth of Beppu yunohana. In fact, "yunohana" is a general term for hot water all over Japan, and its composition and other characteristics vary completely from region to region.
The yunohana of Beppu is unique in that it is the only one in the world that is made by artisans.

Beppu's yunohana (hot spring flowers) are made by spreading blue clay on a shady roofed hut and reacting with boiling onsen steam. It is made from the crystals of the hot spring water that react with the steam from the boiling hot spring. It contains more than 15 different types of mineral elements, so the benefits of the hot spring are concentrated into something that truly warms the body to the core.
There are very few yunohana craftsmen, but we hope that this tradition will continue as more people learn about the wonderful craftsmanship and use it.
And I would like more people to know about the Touji culture itself, where people heal their bodies and minds using these flowers.

Ikeda's Deep Breathing Routine - Tone your mind and body at Beppu's public hot springs.

My deep-breathing routine is to take a dip in the Sujiyu Onsen at Kannawa Hot Springs in between work. Beppu City is famous for its hot springs, and among them, there are more communal hot springs called "jimo-onsen," or local hot springs, than there are convenience stores.
Sujiyu Onsen is 100% free-flowing hot-spring water. The hot spring water is cooled by a natural cooling device called a "yumetake," so there is no sound of the hot water jabbling out of the tap and it is very quiet. Soaking in the hot spring is like meditating and relaxing from the bottom of your heart.

After bathing, be sure to visit the Jizo-san and ring the orin.
I take one last breath before the sound of the orin ceases. Spending time in the local hot springs in this way has become a source of deep breathing for me.
I hope you will visit the communal hot springs when you come to Beppu.



How was it?
The archives of the installations we introduced in this issue can be viewed on our d47 MUSEUM account. Don't miss the stories we couldn't write in the journal and the interesting story of Mr. Nanjo of "Nanjo Kobo" who participated with us. Please click here to watch it.

And on November 23 (Thursday, holiday), we will have our second installation live. The theme will be "Onsen Consultation Room," and navigated by Mr. Furuya of d47 MUSEUM, HAA representative Ikeda, who loves hot springs, will talk about the quality of hot spring water and recommended hot spring resorts, answering viewers' questions. The program is full of tips on choosing a hot spring according to your mood, skin type, and physical condition.
Please follow HAA's instagram account and join us.

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編集部 HAA

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