Ten daily life stories attached to "HAA for bath Hibi".

“HAA for bath 日々”に添えられた、十人の日常

July has begun and we are already at the turn of the year.
With the opening of the sea, the opening of the mountains, and many festivals and events, July is also a month with many so-called "Hare" days.
While "Hare" represents the extraordinary, "Ke" represents the everyday itself.
These are mixed together to create our days.
Now, in this issue of the journal, we will be discussing the bath salts "HAA for bath Hibi" and the various "days" that accompany it.

What is the text attached to "HAA for bath Hibi"?

"HAA for bath Every day

"HAA for bath Hibi" packages are accompanied by a text about
someone's day to wrap around each sachet.
"Tell us about your days"
In response to this call, many people sent us their writing.
From among them, we are presenting 10 days with their packages.
The "HAA for bath Hibi" is often sent as a gift, but many people may wonder, "What kind of writing is on it?
In this issue, we will introduce you to the titles of the 10 days and one couple's day from among them.
We hope you will find this information useful when choosing a gift.

Ten Days, List of Titles

< "HAA for bath days" accompanied by 10 days>
"On the street, eye to eye"
"The Muscular French Rubber Tree"
"It Starts with Too Much"
"I'm Just a Myself 400;">"Don't Look at Yourself, Look at Your Neighbor"
"A Dog Looks Twice"
"Grandma's Life span>"Looking Up"
"Crying in the Bath Alone"
"On a Good Day in the Air"
"A Piece of Life"

Introducing a couple's daily life.

"On a Good Day in the Air"
I find myself watching the way the lace curtains sway in the wind.
I'm sure I've seen it many times before, but strangely I never get tired of it.
It's not that I'm trying to look at it, it's that I'm looking at it when I notice it, so perhaps it's not that I'm bored or anything.
An artist once described his artwork using large pieces of cloth as a visualization of wind and light.
The floor of the house glistens like the surface of water, and the irregular transformation is very pleasant.

~in the middle~

My wife looks into my room and says, "Let's go to the river.
Because it feels good today, she says.
Often on days when the air is nice, I admire the curtains, and I am happy to think that the people I live with feel the same comfort.
I change my clothes and head for the river. It's not too hot or too cold, the wind is blowing just right, and the city smells good. On a day like this you should go to the river.
"It's the river today," I say, to which he replies, "Of course it is.
We sit on a bench by the river and eat take-out onipotes. The surface of the river sparkles like the floor of a house.
I take out my camera and photograph my wife, who hates photography.

HAA time to think about someone else's day.

When you are happy or depressed, it may be a piece of someone's ordinary life that gently leans on you.
Thanks to those who have helped us.
To celebrate a birth or wedding.
To encourage a new beginning.
As well as a gift to express a variety of feelings, we also recommend that you give a gift of appreciation to yourself for the hard work you put in every day.

On the HAA website, various Daily that did not make it onto the package are available.
Please check it out as well.

To purchase products please visit this page.

編集部 HAA
編集部 HAA

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"HAA for bath Everyday life"

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