HAA e-gift cards
For gifts for that special someone

Why not give that special someone some time for deep breaths?
This service lets you send "HAA for bath" easily
even if you don't know their address via e-mail or SNS.

※This is a digital e-gift card.
Please note that no physical card will arrive.

The sale of e-gift cards has ended.

How to send gifts
to your special someone

  1. 1. Purchase an e-gift card

    Purchase an e-gift card that you'd like to send to your special someone.
    An email will be sent to you containing the URL for that e-gift card.

  2. 2. Send the URL of the e-gift card

    Copy the URL of the e-gift card written in the email and send it to your special someone. It's that easy!

  3. 3. Choose a product from the URL

    Access the URL of the e-gift card sent to you and choose a product. Enter the gift code in the coupon code field.

  4. 4. Receive the gift

    We will deliver the product within a few days of your order.
    Please wait a little while for "HAA for bath" to arrive!

Help Center

Until when is the e-gift card valid?
The e-gift card is valid for 6 months after the sender purchased it. You can use it anytime within the validity date.
Is the balance on my e-gift card refundable?
No, it is not refundable. However, if it is still within the e-gift card's validity date, you can use your balance to purchase additional items.
Can I buy only the products written on the e-gift card?
Our 2 e-gift cards are designed for the two products below. However, you can use your e-gift card to purchase all products excluding subscription plans.
・"HAA for bath Everyday life" 5,280 yen tax incl. + shipping 700 yen
・"HAA for bath 900g" 5,830 yen tax incl.+ shipping 700 yen
※In the event that your purchases exceed your e-gift card balance, we ask you to pay the exceeding amount. Please be advised.
Can I cancel my e-gift card order?
You may cancel your order only if the e-gift card is yet to be used. Please contact us via Contact within seven working days of your order with your order number for cancellations.