Deep breaths to condition the mind and body for long, relaxing autumn evenings.


The air is dry and fresh.
The scent of golden osmanthus wafting from somewhere.
I naturally feel the deepening of autumn.

Day by day, the sun sets earlier and the nights get longer this season.
How do you spend the long, empty autumn nights?

Because I have plenty of time, I want to spend a little more luxury than usual for myself.
So this time, with the theme of "long autumn nights x relaxation," we will show you how to spend your evenings to get your mind and body in shape. We will be presenting you with ways to spend the evening that will help you to get in tune with your mind and body.

HAA time offline, immersed in your "favorite"

HAA time offline, immersed in your "favorite"

Are there things you've been putting off doing in your busy life?

Any books you have piled up that you want to read?

There was a movie you wanted to watch slowly.

I want to cook elaborate meals at a leisurely pace once in a while.

I would like to spend more time on self-care, such as beauty and stretching, instead of doing it in a perfunctory manner.

The long autumn nights are a chance to face these voices within ourselves.

Away from your phone or computer screen to immerse yourself.
By going completely offline, you can create time for yourself that no one can interrupt.

This time spent doing what you love will nourish your mind and give you the energy you need for tomorrow.

It would be nice if we could create such a good cycle.

Dare to do nothing, HAA time in the margin

Doing nothing at all is also recommended.
Gaze out the window at the night sky and do nothing.
Close your eyes and meditate.

Whether you have a happy day or a sad day,
the stunningly beautiful autumn night sky will calm any heart,
The beautiful autumn night sky is sure to calm any heart.

It is also a good idea to use your favorite scented items such as aromas and incense, candles and other goods. It is good.

The removal of noise from the mind and the creation of blank space can improve concentration and the quality of sleep.

Exciting new ideas and positive thinking can only come from this blank space.

If you are usually too busy to rest, the long autumn nights are a good time to get some rest.

HAA time in the bath to warm your body and mind

The morning and evening chill is getting stronger day by day.
A bath is a great way to warm up your cold body at the end of the day.

What happens when the body gets cold?
When the body is cold, the metabolism slows down and blood circulation becomes sluggish. This can cause stiff shoulders, headaches, constipation, and a variety of other problems.

There is a reason why it is said that "cold is the root of all illnesses.

Bathing is recommended for warmth
Bathing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to warm up. Soaking in a bathtub allows the skin to feel warmth and blood vessels to expand, allowing blood to circulate to the ends of the limbs, thereby increasing metabolism. In addition, the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant, which is effective in relaxing the body and mind and improving the quality of sleep.

◆◆"HAA for bath" series of bath salts perfect for long autumn nights ◆

Point 1 Authentic bath salts derived from Beppu and hot spring flowers.

HAA's "HAA for bath" series of bath salts are derived from hot water flowers in Beppu, Oita Prefecture.
The raw material used is yunohana, which has been produced in Beppu hot springs for about 350 years.
The yunohana is not a natural product and is very delicate. It takes craftsmen over 40 days in the summer and 60 to 70 days in the winter to carefully grow and produce the product.
The cloudy white, slimy, and thick water is like taking a dip in a natural hot spring.
The mineral components in the water gently cover the surface of the skin and prevent the body's heat from dissipating, so the body stays warm even after bathing.

Point 2. The benefits of hot springs and hot-spring cure culture, even in your own home bath

HAA for bath has various benefits. It is effective for coldness, frostbite, and chapped skin typical of the cold season, as well as for stiff shoulders, back pain, and fatigue.

The background to the creation of these bath salts is Japan's long-established culture of hot spring cures.

A Touji is an ancient Japanese regimen of staying in a hot spring resort for an extended period of time, soaking in the hot spring water, and resting and toning the body.

However, it is often difficult to actually stay in a hot spring resort for an extended period of time.

HAA's bath salts were created as a way to experience a Touji at home.

Just as people have been soaking in hot springs to relieve fatigue since ancient times, why not take time to relax in your own home bath? Why don't you take the time to relax in your own bath at home? We invite you to experience a modern day Touji experience.

Point 3: A short essay that will warm your heart A short essay that also warms the heart


"HAA for bath days (pack of 5)" and "HAA for bath days (pack of 10)" have short essays HAA for bath Everyday (Pack of 10) comes with a short essay.
The essay on the theme of "Everyday" warms the reader's heart and brings deep breaths, leading to relaxation.

In addition, Large size and Free Shipping Trial Set. Please visit our product page.


HAA time in the long autumn nights for ultimate relaxation.

It's a long, long autumn evening.

Make time to go offline, even if only for a few minutes.
Take 10 minutes every day to soak in the bath and relax.
When such a small one-action becomes a habit, deep breathing will become a routine.

This journal also provides some real-life stories from HAA members about how they spend their evenings. Please read it as well.

Let's enjoy the long autumn nights with a deep breath of "ha~" while cherishing the time to take care of ourselves.


ちえみ 佐藤
ちえみ 佐藤

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