HAA for bath Hibi" was chosen as a small gift for a wedding.

結婚式のプチギフトに“HAA for bath 日々”が選ばれた時の話

One day in May, HAA received this message.
"As a wedding send-off gift, I used 'HAA for bath Hibi as a wedding send-off gift."
The message was sent by Mr. and Mrs. Harano, who live in Miyazaki Prefecture.
This is the first time for HAA to be chosen as a wedding gift.
We were excited just to imagine it, and we wanted to hear more from Mr. Harano.
So we asked the happy couple, who were married at the end of June, why they chose "HAA for bath Hibi" as their petit gift and how their wedding day went.
We hope this will be helpful for those who are looking for wedding gifts and small gifts.

We were looking for a gift that would express our gratitude and our uniqueness.

The wife is from Oita and the husband is from Tokyo.
The wedding was held at a wedding hall in Oita City, Oita Prefecture.
The couple's common hobby is taking a relaxing soak in a hot spring.

"We have many guests from far away and wanted to give a gift that was unique to Oita.
At that time, his wife thought, "How about a crowdfunding site?

"The moment I found it, I thought, 'This is it! I thought, 'This is it! The design is cute, and the fact that you can enjoy the feeling of a natural hot spring at home is very typical for us. The use of hot spring flowers from Beppu makes you feel like you are in Oita, and the fact that it won't damage the bathtub made me feel confident about giving it as a gift. Also, since "HAA for bath Hibi" is wrapped in wrapping paper and rounded, it was easy to imagine the scene when we handed it to the couple on their wedding send-off.

"When I put it in the bath and soaked it, it felt good haha, just like the concept. The fact that it was fragrance-free and that it came with a daily-themed text also made me imagine that my guests would enjoy it."
This is how we came to be associated with the couple's wedding.

A wedding is the happiest day of your life

The happiest day of your life The wedding day arrived.
Many guests from all over the country attended the wedding to celebrate the couple's departure. The couple recalls how emotional it was to see all the people who were important to them gathered together at the wedding, smiling and waving to each other.

After a successful ceremony and reception, we went to see our guests off.

"We thanked them and had a small conversation with them. Whether you are a local or have come from far away, I hope you will take a relaxing bath and be healed."

By the way, on this day, "HAA for bath Hibi" was stamped with their initials.

Cute stamps are hand stamped one by one. It conveys the gratitude from the couple to their guests.

HAA for bath in everyday life

The Harano couple has successfully completed their wedding and honeymoon, but they are actually using HAA for bath in their daily lives.

"I look forward to soaking in the HAA for bath at the end of the day. Just as we look back at the videos and photos from our wedding, soaking in the bath allows us to remember the best part of our day.
We are very happy to hear that every time you soak in the bath, you remember your memories, the excitement of your wedding, and your honeymoon.

We would be happy if all the guests who were present that day could also relax while reminiscing about their wedding memories.

Whether it's a happy day or a sad day, we will be there for you every day For the happy beginning of a happy couple.
And beside you in your new life.
HAA for bath Hibi will be with you every day of your life, both on the big day and on the smallest of occasions.

HAA for bath will be with you every day of your life, both on Hare and Keshi days.
This interview made me feel strongly once again that I want to create such a gentle chain of events.

"HAA for bath Hibi" is a great wedding gift.

A wedding is a milestone in life.
"We want to convey our gratitude to our guests."
"We want to give a gift that is sophisticated in design and warm in heart."
For those people, we recommend "HAA for bath Hibi".
It is easy to use for all ages and genders at weddings where people of all ages gather, and the fragrance-free scent is not a concern. In addition, it has no expiration date, so the recipient can use it whenever they wish.

If you are interested, please check out the product page.

If you are considering purchasing in bulk for a wedding or event, please use this contact form to Please contact us.
We hope that HAA for bath will be a colorful addition to your happy space.

編集部 HAA
編集部 HAA

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