HAA's Father's Day Gifts that Deliver Peace and Deep Breaths of Life


Sunday, June 18 is Father's Day.

"Thank you, Father."
Would you like to express your gratitude in a gift that you are usually too shy to express?

In this article, we introduce the perfect HAA gift for Father's Day.

HAA's gift lineup to deliver a deep breath of fresh air

HAA for bath Hibi (10 packets), bath salts wrapped in words

HAA for bath Everyday (pack of 10)

HAA for bath HAA for bath Everyday (Pack of 10) HAA for bath Hibi (10 packets)" is the most popular gift item. The wrappers of the bath salts contain heartwarming sentences about "HAA for bath Hibi", which you can read while soaking in the bath to deepen your breathing.


The colors on the enclosed card are linked to the colors of the bath salts' wrapping paper, leading you to the perfect statement for the occasion. Please also take advantage of the sophisticated atmosphere of the gift wrapping.

●"HAA for bath Hibi (5 packets)" conveys feelings through three themes.

- HAA for bath Everyday (pack of 5)

This gift box contains 5 HAA for bath.
There are three types of gift boxes: "New Wind" for positive feelings, "The Day I Looked Up at the Sky" for feelings of labor, and "A Modest Love" for warm feelings. The wrappers of the bath salts are accompanied by a daily text on each theme.
Please choose the theme that best fits the feelings you want to give to your father now.

HAA for bath small box" is the perfect casual gift.

This petit gift box contains three HAA for bath small box with elegant atmosphere.
The small box is decorated with a ball cord and has a Japanese paper-like atmosphere, a high quality design that will make you happy to receive it. It is recommended to accompany gifts such as alcoholic beverages and food.

HAA for bath 900g" is a large capacity product that can be used every day.

HAA for bath This large-capacity pack contains enough bath salts for about 15 times.
Because there is no expiration date, men who love to bathe can use as much as they like, whenever they like. Many people purchase this product on a regular basis, and we recommend it to those who want to enjoy the feeling of a hot spring on a daily basis.

HAA for bath Three features of HAA for bath

HAA for bath

HAA for bath is an authentic bath salt derived from Beppu yunohana (hot spring flowers).

HAA for bath


HAA for bath contains natural ingredients derived from "Beppu yunohana".
The cloudy white, slimy, thick water is like being soaked in a natural hot spring.
The mineral components in the water gently cover the surface of the skin and prevent the body's heat from dissipating, so the body stays warm even after bathing. It is also recommended for fathers who love hot springs and are serious about their health.



HAA for bath is made without fragrance or coloring.

HAA for bath is made without fragrance or coloring, so it can be given with confidence regardless of your preference for fragrance.
Of course, it does not have the sulfur smell characteristic of hot springs. Enjoy a pleasant bath time.

Design ▶Design



The simple and sophisticated design blends in with the interior and adds a subtle stylishness even when placed in the changing room or in your room. The eye-catching design makes it an unforgettable gift that you may not even realize at first glance is a bath salt.

Real voices from male customers

HAA regularly conducts customer surveys and interviews with stores that carry the product.

Male customers commented,
"I like hot springs, so it is good that I can enjoy them in the comfort of my own home,"
"It is refreshing to have the habit of taking a long soak in the bath,"
"The design is simple and nice, and I was happy to receive it as a gift,"
"I don't like strong fragrances.
"I don't like strong scents, so the fragrance-free version is easy to use.

"The design was simple and nice as a gift. aera_magazine

 Also, in AERA STYLE MAGAZINE VOL. 54, released on March 24, 2023, "HAA for bath Hibi" was selected for THE BEST MEN'S COSMETICS AWARD 2023 in the body care category.

It is also recommended as a gift for a beauty-conscious husband.

Why don't you give the gift of HAA as a way of saying thank you?


We would be happy to help bring gratitude and deep breaths to all the fathers in the world, whether they are working fathers, fathers who live alone, or fathers who love to bathe


Finally, I would like to make an important announcement. Finally, an important announcement.
If you want your order to be delivered by Father's Day (June 18), please place your order by June 15.

So, we wish you a wonderful Father's Day.

ちえみ 佐藤
ちえみ 佐藤

Special Edition

For you
and your special someone.

A bath powder enveloped in words, containing approximately 10 baths' worth of "HAA for bath". Give yourself or special someone time for deep breaths.

"HAA for bath Everyday life"

60g×10 packets€72,95 Tax included

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