How to create a deep breathing habit using HAA for bath

HAA for bathをつかった、深呼吸習慣のつくり方

The new school year has finally begun.

Those who are full of excitement and anticipation. Those who are
excited and nervous.

Whether you are going through a big change or not,
everyone must be feeling a different kind of freshness in your heart.

HAA would like to support your new life and be like a "good luck charm" to bring a deep breath into your daily life.

Therefore, this issue of the Journal is dedicated to "how to create a deep breathing habit" that will help you in your new life.
This is a time of great change, and we want you to take the time to take a deep breath and look at yourself.
We hope you will find it useful, not only for those of you who use HAA on a regular basis, but also for those of you who have recently received HAA as a gift for the first time.

Preparing for a New Life

A new environment. A new role. A new you.
"I have to work hard. Have you ever had the experience that the greater the desire to do so, the more you unconsciously pushed yourself too hard?
When you feel sick or when someone says to you, "Are you all right?
It is not uncommon for you to realize for the first time that you may have been pushing yourself too hard.
It may be difficult to recognize your own SOS when you are in the middle of a whirlwind.

What if there was an item that you could use to naturally deepen your breathing, or a habit that would calm you down?

It would be like a "living talisman" that would help us regularly check and adjust our physical and mental condition.

How many times a day do you take a deep breath? How many times a day do you take a deep breath?

How many times a day do you take deep breaths?

When do you usually take a deep breath?

When you wake up in the morning and open the window
When you see a beautiful view
After talking with a friend
The moment you get home

The timing and frequency vary from person to person, but the common denominator is that taking a deep breath creates space in your heart and you naturally look forward.
If we could have many such moments in our daily lives, we would be able to live healthier lives than we do now.

This is why we are here. This time, we would like to share with you how to create a deep-breathing habit using "HAA for bath," a bath salt that is as close to a natural hot spring as possible.

The moment you soak yourself in hot water, you will hear the sound of "HAA! That feeling of relaxing as you melt in the warm water.
I would be happy if this book could be an opportunity for everyone who lives a busy life to create a habit of deep breathing in their daily life.

How to create a deep breathing habit using HAA for bath

HAA for bath

First of all, let's start by taking deep breaths while taking a bath. Start by taking deep breaths while bathing.

HAA for bath

According to a survey of 7,500 Japanese people conducted by Basurier Corporation in May 2023, more than 95% of all respondents said they "like taking a bath. According to the survey, more than 95% of the respondents "like to take a bath" and 78% "soak in the bathtub almost every day. (*Reference)
I am sure that many of our readers would also agree.

On the other hand, we also hear many people say that they "end up touching their phones even while bathing" or that "their minds are occupied with thoughts. In this day and age, "taking a bath = relaxing" may not always be true.

In order to let go of these thoughts and let yourself breathe comfortably, you need to be aware of them, and HAA for bath can serve as a switch for this purpose.

The bath salts made with Beppu yunohana (hot spring water) will envelop your body in the soft, mellow water and deepen everyone's breathing. If you have the series with essays, please relax while reading the texts.

What is important is that you can continue to do so without strain, no matter how busy you are.
If this sounds good to you, please start your deep-breathing habit immediately, starting with your bath tonight.

Foot and hand baths are also recommended

When you want to take a break, but not so much as to take a bath, a footbath or handbath is recommended.

While you will need to prepare a bowl and footbath, once you try it, you will realize how easy and comfortable it is to use HAA for bath.
We hope that you will take a bath not only once a day, but also create more opportunities to take deep breaths. To that end, please feel free to give it a try.

If you would like to know more about the key points of bathing that lead to a good night's sleep or how to take a foot or hand bath, please refer to this article.
Also, in the series "Deep Breathing in Daily Life," we have published how HAA members are taking deep breaths. Please also read this article.

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Take time to take a deep breath in your daily life

The beginning of a new year. It is a season of great energy movement.
When you feel like working too hard and forgetting to take a deep breath, please remember HAA.
And we would be very happy if you could deepen your breathing through our items and contents.
I wish you all a wonderful new life.
And may your new life be a healthy one with deep breathing.

編集部 HAA
編集部 HAA

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