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【HAAのあるお店】銀座 蔦屋書店/暮らしを豊かにする本・モノ・アートに出会える場所

In our popular series of articles titled "Stores with HAA", we visit stores that carry HAA. This time, we would like to introduce Ginza TSUTAYA BOOKS in Ginza, Tokyo.

We interviewed Ms. Tomomi Hirata, concierge of TSUTAYA BOOKS's lifestyle and travel department.

tomomi hirata

TSUTAYA BOOKS was the first store to sell HAA products, and since then we have worked with them on various initiatives, including the pre-sale of new products and collaborative exhibitions.
In this issue, we will look back on that history as we explore the charms of Ginza TSUTAYA BOOKS.

A place that proposes a lifestyle with art.


Ginza TSUTAYA BOOKS is located on the 6th floor of GINZA SIX, a commercial facility not far from Ginza Station.
TSUTAYA BOOKS operates nationwide, but the concept varies from store to store. TSUTAYA BOOKS offers not only books, but also a stationery corner where you can experience Japanese techniques and craftsmanship, a hands-on event space, and a coffee shop where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee while reading a book.

--The gallery is a unique space with a stationery corner where visitors can experience Japanese techniques and craftsmanship as well as books, a hands-on event space, and a BOOK & CAFE where visitors can enjoy delicious coffee while reading books.

--The refined and relaxed space is wonderful, just like a gallery. What kind of customers visit your store?

"Many customers are in their 30s to 40s, and some are shopping or just dropping by after work. Because of its location in Ginza, we also have a large number of customers from overseas. Whether they are looking around the store at their leisure or immersed in reading a book while sipping coffee at the café, they are spending their time as they please.

Ginza TSUTAYA BOOKS x HAA episode

In the spacious store of about 700 tsubo, HAA items are displayed in the "self-care" section.


--The first time HAA was introduced to our customers was at the Casa BRUTUS special edition "Hitoarimasu, Rohobi-yu" fair held in 2021, where 200 hot spring baths were published. After the fair, HAA became a permanent fixture in your store.

"The "Hinwari, Gohobi-yu" fair was held in the magazine section, and I bought one myself at that time and really liked it.

"I bought one myself at the fair and really liked it. After the fair, I asked if I could handle it in the lifestyle/travel section, which I am in charge of, and we decided to make it a permanent feature of the fair! I am very happy.

--Thank you very much! Please tell us about any episodes you have had with customers who have purchased HAA products in your daily contact with them.


A businessman in his late thirties came to the cash register with a pack of HAA for bath (5pcs) in his hand and asked us to wrap it. When we asked him a little about it, he told us that he was giving it as a gift to someone who was leaving his workplace and said, 'He is always working hard, so I wanted him to take a deep breath once in a while. I remember feeling the kindness of the customer and it warmed my heart.


Ms. Hirata stands in the store every day as a concierge. She is often asked by customers for advice on gift selection.

"When people choose gifts for their loved ones, they have very kind expressions on their faces, and since many HAA products are used as gifts, I am very happy to spend time talking with customers in an atmosphere full of love," she says.

Hirata's HAA Time: A side trip to rediscover "my town

Hirata's HAA Time: A side trip to rediscover "my town Ms. Hirata is busy with her daily work. What kind of time does she spend on her own?

- At HAA, we call the time in our daily life "HAA time" when we can take a deep breath. What does HAA time mean to you?

"It is a time to take a walk while taking a side trip. I have always loved to travel, but it is not often possible for me to go far away by plane or bullet train. But I think just taking a short detour is a great way to take a break. For example, on my way home from work, I get off the train one or two stops before the nearest station and walk around with a cup of coffee in my hand.

The cherry blossoms were beautiful at night not too long ago, and the night breezes in spring were pleasant. I think it's good to be able to feel the change of the seasons, which is something we tend to overlook when we are busy. When I happen to find a nice store by chance, it is very exciting, and when I see a new aspect of the town I live in every day, I feel as if I am on a little trip. Even if you walk down the same street, just by walking a little slower or broadening your perspective, you may notice things that you normally wouldn't notice, and the way you see the city may change. It is a wonderful HAA time that is easy to incorporate into your daily life.

We want to bring a deep breath of air to our customers' busy daily lives.

--It seems that time moves very quickly in the city. Do you ever feel that way while working in Ginza?

"Yes, I do. I am from Okayama Prefecture, but I currently commute to Ginza from my home in Kanagawa Prefecture every day. Both cities are lovely, but I feel that the speed at which time flows is completely different.


Many customers stop by on their way home from work, so I want them to spend time relaxing in the store and also to take home items that will help them feel at ease at home. This is because in the past, when I myself was busy working, I was able to relax by using HAA for bath. I hope to be able to offer customers a way to spend such a moment as well.

HAA for bath


Mr. Hirata and all the sales staff are sincere in their efforts to make product suggestions to customers.
I sincerely hope that HAA will be one of such items.

In TSUTAYA BOOKS, HAA for bath Hibi (10 pieces), HAA for bath Hibi (5 pieces), HAA for bath small box, and HAA for bath 60g (in-store sales only).
We hope you will visit us when you come to Ginza and enjoy shopping in this wonderful space.


Location: GINZA SIX 6F, 6-10-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-9575-7755
Opening days/times: please check the official website

List of TSUTAYA BOOKS HAA handling stores

HAA for bath is available at the following TSUTAYA BOOKS.
Please visit your nearest store.

(Please call in advance to inquire about stock availability.)

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編集部 HAA

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A bath powder enveloped in words, containing approximately 10 baths' worth of "HAA for bath". Give yourself or special someone time for deep breaths.

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