"A Good Couple's Day" is a good time to express your feelings.


November 22 is A Good Couples's Day.
In this issue of the Journal, HAA member Sato will share how she tried to give a gift in honor of A Good Couple'sDay.

What kind of feelings did you have when choosing a gift? What was the reaction of the partner who received the gift?
We hope you will find this article useful in your gift selection process.

What kind of gift did you choose?

"A Good Couple's Day", in our family's case

Hello everyone, this is Sato from HAA.
Have you ever celebrated "A Good Couple's Day"?
The "Good Couple's Day" is widely known as a day for expressing gratitude and affection between husband and wife and between partners, and we hear that many couples choose this day as the date of their marriage or wedding.

On the other hand, there is a little bit of a remote existence for my family. For our family, on the other hand, we were a bit on the fringes.

We have been married for seven years. It has been 6 years since our child was born.

For the past few years, we have been so busy with the housework and childcare that we don't remember giving gifts to each other as a couple.

However, that wave has calmed down a bit recently, and I now have a little more room in my heart.

Now I can honestly express my gratitude.

When I felt that way, the "Good Marriage Day" that I had been a little shy about became a little more familiar to me.

I am very happy to be here.

Make it a memorable gift by choosing the perfect gift for yourself!

I chose "The Day I Looked Up at the Sky" from HAA for bath (pack of 5).
HAA bath salts have various lines, but I chose this item for one reason.
It was because of family memories related to the "sky".

The other day I was on a camping trip with my family.

In the evening, as we were preparing the campfire, I looked up at the sky and saw a flock of geese flying in a line toward the mountains.

"Are the birds going home?"
"They must be sleeping in their forest home," the children said.

When they awoke early the next morning, they saw another flock of geese flying away from the mountains to the city.

"Bye, birds!"
"Come back in the evening."

Just as the birds return to the mountains and fly away from the mountains, we too have a home to return to.

It was a moment when I realized once again that this is a very happy and precious thing.

And the sky that day reminded us that we had built this home from scratch together as a couple.

What was your partner's reaction?

The gift was given to the family for the holidays.

At first, my husband didn't seem to understand what was in it. When I told him it was bath salts, he was very surprised. This excitement is one of the best parts of gift giving, isn't it?

HAA for bath (pack of 5) has a short essay on the wrapper of the bath salts. My husband chose the essay "Michitari Tata Sora".

She sees the protagonist with a blurred mind and asks him, "Let's take a bath." She invites him to a public bath.

When she soaks in the bath and relaxes, she feels a sense of comfort similar to when she is drunk, and she feels a little more positive. Such heartwarming episodes were written.

"Reading this reminds me of when I used to go to the public bathhouse. I used to go there every day," said her husband nostalgically.

Indeed, we used to often go to a small public bathhouse in town together. We were busy and always worried about something in our early twenties. Our deep breaths back then were definitely in the bath.

Now we have two children.

Now that we have two children, we have fewer opportunities to go to the public bathhouse, but bath time at home is lively, and it is a very enjoyable time.

"Dad, did you get some bath salts? Let's put it in and take a bath together today!"

It's been a long time since the kids have taken a bath with their dad.
The sound of laughter can be heard leaking out of the bathroom door.

After taking a bath, my daughter was wiping her hair with a towel and noticed the sunset, so we all went to the balcony.
We watched the sunset for a while while drinking milk.
"Today is the best day!

We nodded our heads in agreement with the child's honest words.

I think we were able to have such a peaceful time because we were able to pass on our kind feelings through the gift.

The gift given on "Good Marriage Day" became a memorable "day looking up at the sky" for our family as well.

On Good Marriage Day, give the gift of HAA bath salts!

"Thank you for everything" and "Best wishes for the future" are honest feelings that are a little embarrassing to express in words, but are important to cherish.
Events such as "Good Marriage Day" provide a good opportunity to express such feelings.

And HAA bath salts are a gift that both the giver and the receiver can enjoy.
Please spend time together exchanging and reading essays, relaxing in the bath together, and breathing deeply.

To see the full lineup of the HAA for bath series, please visit the product page.

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